MoraSpirit proudly organizes Spitzer:SLUG after party for the victorious sixth consecutive time this year. This most awaited celebration will be held on Wednesday 2nd of November at 4pm onwards. It will be taken place as yesteryear at Marina64 sea breeze restaurant, Mount Lavinia. As the tagline of Spitzer which says this is the best place to ‘Dance in the breeze’, I guarantee as a delighted witness of last year’s event.

Yes, it's difficult and challenging for both the mind and the body, but that's the deal. Mens sana in corpore sano. (A healthy mind in a healthy body, as an ideal in living)That is how training and racing works and that is the beauty of rowing—we push ourselves to the limit to see what we are truly capable of. It's often been said that 'sports don't build character, they reveal it.' I'm inclined to say that they do both. 

Being well known among the rowing community by the name ‘MORA’, UOM Rowing Crew (UMRC) has been a huge contributing factor in uplifting university’s extracurricular status, with their representation in inter university, national and international waters.

Kick, punch, withdraw, knife hand strike, elbow strike and so the karatekas strive to achieve their victory. This will never be enough to describe the teamwork and dedication that divided in between each member to carry equal weights on their shoulders as they write unforgettable roaring moments of Mora karate history.

3…..2……1…..Haaaaaaaaapy B’day to you…On starting to sing the song it quite grab the attention of the whole university which shouted out the power of MoraSpirit. With the participation of some of the alumina members of MoraSpirit, added some more flavor to the whole event.

Another grandeur chapter of Sri Lankan University Games has come to its end. Nevertheless the sparks of the event and the glamorous moments it gave to our university sportsmen and sportswomen are still alive.  It was a life changing experience for those who won the matches and a worthwhile experience for those who could not achieve victory. 


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