A room full of people, yet you can hear a pin drop. Everyone put up their calm masks yet it was a nail biting moment. A DJ, just about to play the winning song and an announcer who is about to announce the winner. It was the time where more than 20 million people were deliberately waiting for. The years or hard work and dedication was about to be paid off. “And the Best Newcomer in Class 1 2016 and Dedication to Formula Student 2016 goes to, Team Shark from Sri Lanka”. They were the magical words lecturer and advisor of Team SHARK, Mr. Sasiranga De Silva and his team was eagerly waiting for.

Day two of the Rugby first round matches of SLUG 2016 consisted of another two exciting games at the Air Force grounds in Rathmalana on Sunday (17th July 2016) evening. Jaffna University and Rajarata University took the field at 03.10pm for the first match of the day.


Rajarata have drawn first blood against Jaffna and made solid first-half display. Jaffna also came back with their penalty chance and first half was ended with 05-03.

It happens only once in three years. It happens between the Sri Lankan universities’ finest sportsmen. The most awaited event in the University sports calendar is here. “SLUG -2016.” Undoubtedly it’s going to be a very busy period for the sport enthusiasts. The first game of the SLUG 2016 was kicked off with the 1st round rugby matches at Ratmalana Air Force rugby ground premises on 16th of July 2016.

Formula car which has 600cc engine that can rocket the car to a maximum speed of a 196kmph is now ready to contest with 34 countries all over the world. But why is this car so special to Sri Lanka???

Cold winds, gloomy weather, shivering atmosphere! What more to describe a fine rainy day where everyone loves to be near a fire or a hot indoor, somewhere they can sip a cup of coffee while reading a good book.  Well that is for ordinary people. This story is not about the ordinary people out there. It is about the extraordinary hockey players in the country.

Life is blessed when you are an expert in a specialized field. But if you are balancing the life in more than one field, then you are beyond being blessed. Motivation is a ladder to get on to the step of success. To motivate the potential university community to get the blessing of the sports in to their lives, we, Moraspirit thought of sharing some valuable ideas of a special person who is an expert of all the fields mentioned, as well as in guiding the freshmen.


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