Achini Nimeshika Rathnasiri. an Undergraduate from University of Kelaniya has been in the national ranks as a versatile badminton player. Moraspirit had the opportunity to interview her last Tuesday.

Kasun Rajapakshe is an undergraduate at the University of Kelaniya and one of the stars in the university athletic arena right now, performing wonders in both weightlifting and the javelin throw.

Courageous and commitment along with a proper management could take you up to your dream. Baseball, which is also known as the "National Pastime" of the United States, is a bat-and –ball sport which owns a rich history of unique players and personalities. As a combination of above two facts Ashan Weerasekara is now in the list of “personalities” at national level of baseball, Sri Lanka.

Polished floors; squeaking shoes; hundreds of players in arm-cuts; this was not yet another basketball match but an intense war where a spectator would have dropped dead if he was a heart patient! Where a spectator would have cried his eyes out if he were a soft child! Where a spectator would have screamed at the top of his lungs if he were a juvenile schoolgirl!

All-Island Novices Intermediate Table Tennis Championship 2015 witnessed such great action from young lads and ladies of University of Moratuwa before its conclusion last weekend.

As the heat and the excitement of Inter-University Games reaches the hearts of the sportsmen and sports women in all the universities, a group of dedicated players were testing their precise skills at Sumanadasa Building at University of Moratuwa during 3rd and 4th of March.


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