Table tennis is similar to a glimmer. To ignorant, it is merely microscopic and insignificant in existence, but to the dedicated, it is intricate in design and the building block to everything we know. As we all know Table Tennis is a wonderful game that is highlighted and accepted among all the students in University of Moratuwa. Actually there are lots of evidence affect to their choice. Especially the enormous ventures students got to uncover in the university sports arena through this. So some of the students pick out their sport path as Table Tennis. Hence this is the best time to look back to table tennis champs of University of Moratuwa what they have achieved very recently carry forward our university designation ahead.

There is a saying that “Every dark cloud has a silver line”. Substantiating that by vanishing the murky clouds which are shielded the sky these days, University of Moratuwa ground was fully enlightened and so excited because of the Mora Hockey 7’s held yesterday (18th of November).

Spitzer, the after party of SLUG 2016 was successfully held at Marina 64 Sea Breeze Restaurant, Mount Lavinia on 2nd of November 2016. If there is an evening which was submerged by full of twilight, plenty of bliss, liking, fun, and with loads of sport lovers, it is none other than Spitzer 2016. Not just off-putting to the term “spirit” within the MoraSpirit they have actually made known to the entire world the power of their team spirit and fabulous endowment which they have been achieved by being a MoraSpiriter, by having the most successful university beach party ever.

After each hurricane there will be a rainbow, but what I’m about to tell you is not exactly a rainbow in a daytime... it’s a spark………. in the night. Sri Lankan universities biggest after party of the year unfurled itself last night, illuminating everything and everyone to the fullest and burning their feelings into flames. The successfulness of the event was not a doubt, the organizing committee made it work after a number of sleepless nights. Though everyone of us knew it was going to rock but the things what made it a success……… ah now there was so much more to see beyond.

The most awaited party of the year is here!"Spitzer 2016", the Official SLUG after party is happening for the prestigious 6th time today, filled with funky, jazzy music and much more. If you lose this great opportunity of your university life, you will be a regretted undergraduate for the rest of your life.  

MoraSpirit proudly organizes Spitzer:SLUG after party for the victorious sixth consecutive time this year. This most awaited celebration will be held on Wednesday 2nd of November at 4pm onwards. It will be taken place as yesteryear at Marina64 sea breeze restaurant, Mount Lavinia. As the tagline of Spitzer which says this is the best place to ‘Dance in the breeze’, I guarantee as a delighted witness of last year’s event.


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