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"To become the leader in creating a proud, highly-intense sporting culture at university level in Sri Lanka, by promoting healthy competition and encouraging participation in sports which help undergraduates grow into well-rounded individuals"

Our Mission

We elevate university sports and achievements of sportsmen and women by networking with diverse communities and influence policy makers in making changes for betterment of sports and to encourage professionalism in the sportsmen's approach.

MoraSpirit – The Spirit of University Sports was launched in September 2009. It provides up to date reporting of sporting events in the university arena. MoraSpirit aims to uplift university sports to the highest of standards, create intelligent and well-rounded university undergraduates instilled with invaluable qualities and disciplines nurtured by sports and also to draw interest of authorities and other stakeholders towards them.
More than a website, MoraSpirit acts as a social network itself, gathering the university community together, forming a sports culture. Given there was no entity to showcase university sports in general, MoraSpirit focused broadly on recognizing all university sportsmen and women in an unbiased manner. In 2010, MoraSpirit took on the challenge of covering Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG), delivering great results.
MoraSpirit is headed and funded by a group of university of Moratuwa Alumni. The Alumni Association of University of Moratuwa consists of graduates, diplomats, staff and former staff who are working hard to create a strong relationship among the members for the advancement of the university.
Currently, MoraSpirit is a fully functional entity housing a dynamic crew of 150 voluntary members, covering almost all university sports events. In addition, it carries out programs for sportsmen/women at the University of Moratuwa.
At the time being, an article on average receives 150-200 hits and fans on Facebook fan page have exceeded 28000+. Thanks to an enthusiastic crew MoraSpirit has become the destination of choice for anyone wanting to catch up on the latest university sports news.

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