"If you perform, you’ll reach the top”- Amidu’s message on Mora Rowing Crew

My boys were dreamers and they didn’t want to just win it, they wanted to break the Boat Race record as well. We went all out from the beginning and did just that till the end! I will always remember, that final Mora cheer that I gave as the winning captain and the celebratory dip in Beire Lake that followed!


They have found the rhythm between their bodies and the water waves. Tik-Tok clock is their only enemy which has turned the rhythm into a competition. I have got a big chance to do an interview with the team of sharks, swimming team captain of University of Moratuwa (mens’), D.A.S.R.Jayathunge. Let’s see how their preparation to the big event, Inter University Games 2018 is.

The Success Story of the Inter University Table Tennis Championship by Mora Players

Yasith Jayasinghe is an upcoming leader renowned for his victories at the table tennis championship. Even with a spirit to always win, an achievement is not an easy feat to be realized. Therefore Moraspirit is much excited to bring to you the flashback of the life story that narrates the dedication behind the success of men’s table tennis in the university games, through the eyes of Yasith.


01.Please share with us some basic information of yourself like your name, home town , family details and also about your field of study at the University.

Sri Lanka University Rugby to Next Level

2018 was dawn of another year with huge expectations for Rugby champs of worldwide universities. For the first time in history, Sri Lanka was privileged to take part in World University seven-a-side Rugby Tournament. Sri Lanka did complete a successful tour and returned home on Tuesday. Among the 16 teams represented dominant countries worldwide, Sri Lanka was able to secure 8th place in the Tournament.

RUSL: A Force to be Reckoned With

Today we are going to talk about an outstanding University of Sri lanka, situated in dry zone of the country, University of Rajarata. We met KMPGJA Bandara, Weightlifting Team Captain of University of Rajarata who is a 3rd year Undergraduate of Faculty of Management.


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