Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

Someone might have had the notion that a tsunami is approaching or an earthquake was in full swing, for the ground shook and the air was filled with booming noises which were audible even by the front gate, reverberating over the ripples of Bolgoda Lake and reaching beyond the shores. But the ones who knew better could really state what that booming noise was coming from the Colours Night ceremony of the University of Moratuwa, which was in progress at the Civil Auditorium last night.

True. When this glamorous occasion started the night was still young but it certainly was not as dark as the nights ever before. Yet, the heavens could have been. Because they might have been missing some stars for they were down here on Earth last night in that very auditorium. And those stars, those sports stars, without doubt illuminated this wonderful occasion in bright colours which they were adorned with soon afterwards, marking the zenith of the gigantic leaps they took towards their marvelous victories in the year 2014.

Though it is true that as promised these young sport stars undoubtedly illuminated this event, according to our most respected Sri Lankan tradition, nothing was said to be brighter than the soft glow of a traditional oil lamp. Hence, the dignitaries, including the honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Samantha Senevirathne, Director of Operations, MAS Active (pvt.) Ltd along with Mrs. Senevirathne, the Guest of Honor, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardana, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Rahula Attalage, Registrar Mr. Jouffer Sadique, Director of ITUM Dr. (Mrs.) M.M.MP.D. Samarasekara, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Prof. Lalith De Silva, Bursar Mr. K.A.D. Pushpakeerthi, Chairperson of the Sports Council Dr. (Mrs.) S.H.P. Gunawardena, Director of Physical Education Mr. K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali, President of the Sports Council Mr. R.M.A.S.B. Rathnayake and the Secretary of the Sports Council Mr. V.A. Thennakoon were called upon once more after their majestic entrance, to enlighten the occasion by lighting the traditional oil lamp.

After singing the national anthem loud and clear with pride as one nation, there remained the task of welcoming everyone to this grandeur. It is well known that in every opulent mission there always stand revitalizing people who mark their insightful know-how into organizing it. Such a person was invited on stage, who had also excelled in Rugby, Weightlifting and Athletics. He was none other than the President of the Sports Council Mr. R. M. A. S. B. Ratnayake who articulated some gracious words of reception.  

Next up was the ‘Pooja Dance’ which was performed on stage by the dancing society of the University of Moratuwa. The crowd put their hands together in a booming applause for these young damsels in welcome.

It was an eminent fact that in the year 2014 we had our ups and downs, victories and defeats. We relished our victories immersed in a humble delight and cherished our defeats solemnly learning to sharpen the blunts. To speak about this full story of last year’s mission, the Secretary of the Sports Council Mr. V. A. Tennakoon was called upon stage to present the annual report.

Behind every victory we savored and in the aftermath of every defeat we endured, there had been a unique individual backing us up all the way since last year since and an eternity before. He, who is responsible for each and every accomplishment the Division of Physical Education of the University underwent, was himself a veteran sportsman and a proficient leader. Aiming to uplift the university sports to the highest of the standards and enticing the young sports generation of the University of Moratuwa, he shouldered the responsibility of the administration and the advancement of sporting activities of the university. He is none other than Mr. K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali, the Director of Physical Education was invited on stage next to address the gathering.

The Sports Advisory Board of the University of Moratuwa has always played a vital role in enhancing and developing sporting activities of the university. Their guidance and supervision has indeed taken the university sports to the zenith of their success. Hence with a great deal of respect, the Chairperson of the Sports Advisory Board Dr. (Mrs.) S. H. P. Gunawardena was invited for a few words.

Next, knowing that the leaders are those who help themselves as well as the others to do the right things who set direction, build an inspiring vision and create something new, mapping out where you need to go to win as a team, were established in terms of who are worth celebrating. So the time had come to award Colours to the sports Captains for their heartening leadership. And for this moment the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardana was invited with a great deal of respect to do the honors.

After that the auditorium was filled with the sound of gracious words by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardana, followed by the Chief Guest Mr. Smamntha Senevirathne.

Then the time was right for the moment everyone had been eagerly waiting for. As the eyes became wide open and chills ran down the spines, the awarding colors to the best of the university sports stars was about to begin. So with no further ado it was time to move on to crown these young sports heroes with the honor they are worthy of.

And then started the Boom! Boom!! Boom!!! And this ovation did not die away until the end of the ceremony no matter how long the list of coloursmen and colourswomen was.

Next up was a few minutes of glamour and fun with a breathtaking dancing item presented by the dancing society of the University.

Even though these young sport heroes had now been granted the honor they deserve, there was yet another tribute to give away to these sports stars. In each sport there is somehow a person who had excelled in the subject. Special awards were granted for those who had ventured into the realms of sporting hitherto to its extreme.

Now that these sports heroes had been crowned and raised them into their rightful thrones, it was time to reveal the fame and the glory they had brought to their alma mater. After one year’s worth of hard work and commitment they had laid their hands on seemingly countless trophies and finally engraved the name of the University of Moratuwa at the top of the list among the rest of the Sri Lankan universities at the Inter University Games 2014. So as an appreciation they were awarded tokens of victories, making the auditorium boom once more with applause.

Segregating the best from the best is a superficially tough task. Yet, last night the crowd present witnessed the individuals overriding the best ones that have just been crowned. It was no doubt about some of the special awards which were awarded for those who deserved to be entitled as the best of the best. The 1st very special award was the Malik Jaan Award which was presented by the parents and the friends of late Mr. Malik Jaan for the coloursman with the highest 1st year GPA. Anyhow, it was not awarded this year. The second was the Daham Anuradha Award which was presented by the friends of Late Mr. Daham Anuradha for the coloursman with the highest 2nd year GPA, and the winner of that award was W.A.T.M. Dananjaya. Next was the Pieris Challenge Trophy donated by Prof. K.R.S. Pieris for the all-round sportsman. This was also not awarded this year. Yet, the B.N. De Silva Challenge Trophy donated by Mrs. B.N. De Silva for the all-round sportswoman was awarded to B.A.S.W. Chandrarathna. Next, two of the best of the best sportsmen had been eligible for the Abeywickrama Challenge Trophy donated by Prof. B.A. Abeywickrama for the Most Outstanding Sportsman of the year and they were T.M.V.A. Tennakoon and R.B.K. Charles Leo. Next up was the Gunathilake Challenge Trophy donated by Mrs. R.S. Gunathilake for the Most Outstanding sportswoman of the year which was awarded to B.A.S.W. Chandrarathne. And finally, the Wijesekara Challenge Trophy donated by Prof. Dayantha Wijesekara, former Vice Chancellor and the Gold medal presented by the Sports Council of the University of Moratuwa for the Best All Round Student (Sports and Academics) was jointly awarded to P.R. Senanayaka and R. Illangakoon.  From the hands of the Chief Guest, these winners were adorned with the highest honour they could ever dream of.

Putting everything in order and coming up with such a wonderful event of that caliber cannot be condoned as a mere responsibility of an individual. Colours Night this year certainly had reached the acme of its glamour, wheeled by the hands and heads of a great many. Though it is easier said than done to repay our heartfelt gratitude towards those people in the way they have facilitated the event, the Lady Representative of the sports council, Ms. K. G. T. Krishani appeared next on stage to speak a few words of appreciation.

After all this commotion however, the night was still young. And the party was about to begin with full blast on the dance floor followed by a scrumptious dinner. Everyone could be seen on the dance floor celebrating the victories and savoring every moment.

In fact, last night was certainly brighter than before. Nevertheless, the clock kept ticking and as soon it struck 9.00 pm it was time to conclude that ever majestic occasion. Though the crowed parted a short while later, everyone present there undoubtedly etched in mind to cherish that moment, that opulence in the years to come.


By – Savi Sathyani

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