Champions Receive Their Palm of Victory

The history books witness that the art of awarding the victorious athletes was fabricated in ancient Greece where the Olympians who competed in the names of gods were awarded with a palm branch which personified victory itself. Palm leaf might be a simple materialistic instrument but for the athletes it was the ultimate reward for their hard work and dedication. Therefore, it is a monument of honour and sentiment. It is obvious that appreciating the dedicated and the bold in heart, was a tradition which has been inherited to us by our fore fathers. We can’t be thankful enough for the physical education division for making it possible for us to witness a fraction of that legacy; the annual colours awarding ceremony of University of Moratuwa.

The proceedings of the grandest event of all started with the blessings of gods and concluded with absolute excitement. The enthusiasm shown by the sportsmen and women and the parents who made sure that each and every chair of the auditorium was occupied, proved why this event is renowned as the most anticipated event of the year. The presence of the Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Chairman of the sports advisory board Dr. Nalin Perera, Director of physical education Mr.K.R.D.C Rathnamudali , guest of honour Managing Director/CEO Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC Mr.Kishu Gomes and the Deans of all five departments of the university who were welcomed to the auditorium by the traditional dancers and drummers managed to  raise the event sky high.

Proceedings of the event was commenced by the lighting of traditional oil lamp. Then the gathering stood up on their feet with their hearts pounding with pride and their lips mumbling the words which has always been sweet music to every Sri Lankan’s ears, “Sri Lanka Matha”. The President of sports of the University of Moratuwa S.A.P Silva occupied the next few moments to warmly welcome the gathering. The traditional Pooja dancers on stage created a moment of magic making the audience awestruck. Followed by the speech of the secretary of sports, the Director of physical education and the Vice Chancellor of the university were invited to enlighten the gathering  with their words of wisdom. Through his speech the Vice Chancellor openly challenged all the sportsmen and women to bring home the 2019 SLUG championship to be held in Ruhuna. He also mentioned that he would provide his fullest support and blessing in executing this landmark goal. He then awarded colours to the captains of the 21 sports of our university. The captains of Athletics, Badmiton, Baseball, Basketball, Carom, Chess, Chess, Elle, Hockey, Karate, Netball, Rowing, Road race, Rugby, Swimming, Table tennis, Tikondow, Tennis, Vollyball, Weightlifting, Westling were awarded with colours respectively.

With rather a descriptive introduction and a request to comprise his vast knowledge and experience to a smaller speech than he used to convey, the comperes invited the guest of honor Managing Director/CEO Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC Mr.Kishu Gomes to deliver the key note speech. Mr.Kishu Gomas inspired the gathering with his words of wisdom as expected. Through his speech he conveyed a vital message to the young sportsmen and women; “..never decide your retirement with your age. If you can sprint 100m under 12secounds then you are still fit to go. Although, I never was a professional sprinter, still I’m more than capable in finishing 100m dash under 12 seconds. So I still keep it going.” With that inspirational words Mr. Kishu Gomas concluded his speech allowing the arena open for the dance crew of the University of Moratuwa to showcase their talents.

After another stunning performance, the dance crew managed to heat up the atmosphere for the young sportsmen and women to receive the fruits of the hard work that they have been putting on over the past year. The guests of honour took turns to award the prestigious colours to the sportsmen and women. Then trophies were awarded to individuals and teams who have performed extraordinarily well.

The award for the first year colours with best GPA was awarded to N.M.G Helamini Sadagomika of department of Building Economics for her all-round achievement as an outstanding academic and an extraordinary paddler. The Daham Anuradha memorial trophy for the second highest GPA was awarded to S.A.K Silva. The Abevikrama Chalange trophy for the outstanding sports woman was awarded to G.B Nuwani Nawodya for her achievement in international Karate arena. The Best Students award for both GPA and sports was awarded to Lokukaluge Ishitha Piyawadani. With the awarding of a token of appreciation to Mr.KIshu Gomas by the Vice Chancellor for his valued presence in this event the conclusion of the event was commenced. The event was followed by a dinner to the participants and an after party where the winners had the time of their lives.

As the main organization which is established to empower university sports, MoraSpirit is privileged to be the main media sponsor of this event and we would like to congratulate the sports education division for their sincere effort in appreciating the selfless efforts and achievements of the university sportsmen and women. We consider sports as the main mean of promoting the prestige of our university and as our moto says, “Empowering  University Sports” we will always be proud to support the sports of our university. MoraSpirit  covered the entire event and even gave live streaming to the viewers at home. We would also like to thank our own brothers and sisters who worked their hearts and souls out for this.


Article by Jayan Chandrasekera

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsorship by Millennium IT

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