The Night of the Mora Titans 2k15

The Annual Colors awarding ceremony of University of Moratuwa was held with pomp and pageantry, on the 18th of March 2016 from 4.30pm onwards at the Civil Auditorium under the patronage of Hon Prof. A.K.W. Jayawardhana, the Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa and the participation of Hon. Mr. Prasad Samarasinghe, the Chief Guest of the event. They were warmly welcomed by the President and the Lady Representative of the sports council.

The event was commenced with the Chief Guests being escorted to the Civil Auditorium that consisted of a mega audience of athletic, energetic and high spirited young undergraduates dressed in black suits and white sarees.

Commending the prominent place for the most respected Sri Lankan tradition, the event was doubly illuminated with the lighting up of traditional oil lamp by the dignitaries, including the honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Prasad Samarasinghe, Managing Director of Lanka bell (pvt)Ltd, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardana, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Rahula Attalage, Director of ITUM Dr. (Mrs.) M.M.M.P.D. Samarasekara, Dean of the Faculty of Bursar Mr. K.A.D. Pushpakeerthi, Chairperson of the Sports Council Dr. (Mrs.) S.H.P. Gunawardena, Former Director of Physical Education Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya actg., Director of physical education Mr. K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali, President of the Sports Council Mr. Sakmal Kariyawasam and the Secretary of the Sports Council Mr. Shanika Ediriweera,  being called upon once again after their majestic entrance.

After singing the national anthem proudly the Colors Night 2016, where the heroes of Sports for the year 2015 of University of Moratuwa get rewarded and recognized, came into life. The welcome speech for the event was delivered by Mr. Sakmal Kariyawasm who elaborated on the purpose of holding events such as the Colors Night, briefly, is to recognize the best university spirits and to encourage participation in sports.

There were ups and downs, victories and defeats in the year 2015. All the victories give a humble delight and all the defeats show us a way to think twice and sharpen our experiences which would lead us to success. The Secretary of Sports Council Mr. Shanika Ediriweera was called upon the stage to present the annual report on the sports achievements.

Subsequently, Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya was called upon the stage to address the gathering. He is the actg. Director of Physical Education of the university and also a unique individual who is always behind every victory and who is always energizing our scholars whenever our university happens to endure defeat. He is a personality who has possessed an imperative strength towards the accomplishment of the Dept. of Physical Education of the University of Moratuwa, as well. He himself has become a National Champion in Chess twice and after being in the National Chess team for 23 years, he is currently serving as the General Secretary for Common Wealth Chess association. He wished all the sportsmen and women to win the SLUG Championship this year.

Sports Advisory Board has constantly played a silent role in enhancing and developing Sporting Activities within the university. Dr. Sanja Gunawardhana, being the chairperson of the SAB was invited to deliver a few words whose presence was highly appreciated because of the guidance and supervision the Board lends in uplifting the university sports to its utmost level.

Leaders set directions, build an inspiring vision and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go “win” as a team and it is dynamic, exciting and inspiring. Yet, while leaders set the direction, they must also use their skills to guide their people to the right destination in a smooth and effective way. So it was high time to compliment all the captains for their heartening dedication. Accordingly,Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardana was invited with a great deal of courtesy to do the honors.

Following that, the Vice Chancellor Professor Ananda Jayawardene was invited to enlighten the audience with his words of wisdom. In his speech, he emphasized that the excellence in Sports as well as in Academics, are the key stepping stones along the path to become a world class University and the Mora Sportsmen and Sportswomen themselves have eventually become the ultimate stakeholders - The World Class Graduates. He also pointed out that a lot of Universities allow students to enter into those universities for certain courses on the basis of sports. “Our university, despite of those courses still is a topper in the inter university games.” He proudly stated.

After the gracious words by the Vice Chancellor, the auditorium was filled by the voice of the Chief Guest Mr. Prasad Samarasinghe. He is a proud product of university of Moratuwa who was excellent in both sports and academic sectors. He was the captain of the university Carom team in the year 1995, and was the pioneer of introducing Carom to the Inter University Games. Furthermore, he is the President of Carom Federation and the Managing Director of Lanka bell Ltd. He has been kind enough to grace the occasion as our Chief Guest in order to share his valuable thoughts with us amidst his busy schedule.

Giving a small break to the moment, a glamorous musical item was performed by the Classical Music Society of the University.

The most awaited moment, the right time to reward those who shed their sweat to bring glory to our beloved University, just dawned. The respected invitees presented the colors to colorsmen and colorswomen with the honor they are worth receiving. All the sportsmen and women were awarded colors with endless rounds of applause.

Next, was a few minutes of glamour and fun with a breathtaking dancing item presented by the dancing society of the University.

Among the colors men there were some people who displayed talent with extra effort. Those who performed well in each sport were given a special Award attributing the hardship they went through to perform at their extreme.

The Inter –University Championship plays a vital role in showcasing the talents of our undergraduates to the outside of the world. After one year’s commitment they had laid their hands receiving countless number of trophies. So as an appreciation they were re-awarded tokens of victories. At the same time, all the other trophies won by University of Moratuwa throughout the year 2015 were also awarded.

Very Special awards are platinum awards that are awarded only to the best of the best sportspersons who are excelled in every corner and to those who rose up above the others.

It takes a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work for a person to excel in a sport and win colors. But on this path towards excellence in sports, many students tend to compromise on their academic excellence. But there are few talented people who juggle both equally well and taste the Champaign of success in both. The 1st very special award was the Malik Jaan Award which was presented by the parents and the friends of late Mr. Malik Jaan for the Coloursman with the highest 1st year GPA. It was awarded to K.A.H.C. Kuruppu and B.A.S.W. Chandrarathna. The next was the Daham Anuradha Award which was presented by the friends of Late Mr. Daham Anuradha for the coloursman with the highest 2nd year GPA, and the winner of that award was R.A.M.M. Perera.

Next was Abeywickrama Challenge Trophy donated by Prof. B.A. Abeywickrama for the Most Oustanding Sportsman of the year and it was awarded to W.M.A.P. Weerasekara. Next up was Gunathilake Challenge Trophy donated by Mrs. R.S. Gunathilake for the most outstanding sportswoman of the year which was awarded to L.K.I. Piyawadani. Last but not the least, the Wijesekara Challenge Trophy donated by Prof. Dayantha Wijesekara, former Vice Chancellor and the Gold medal presented by the Sports Council of the University of Moratuwa for the Best All Round Student (Sports and Academics) were jointly awarded to W.M.A.P. Weerasekara.  From the hands of the Chief Guest, these winners were adorned with the highest honor they could ever dream of.

Organizing an event of this caliber is not in any means an easy task. So many people have contributed in various methods and though we know that the debts are hard to repay to attempt, bear minimum and consummate our honor to acknowledge the effort put in, the Lady Representative of the Sports Council Ms. Senali Lokubalasooriya was invited to speak a few words of appreciation.

It was a day of much excitement, applause, sense of spirit, glory and an unforgettable night for some, because it would have been the final colors night for most of the Graduating and recently Graduated Students of University of Moratuwa. That majestic event was concluded when it was about 9 p.m. affirming the excellence of Mora sportsmen and sportswomen once again in the Mora history.

Article by Harshani Rajakaruna

Edited by Ahamed Ifam

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