University of Sri Jayewardenepura Colours Night 2014

“Sports is the greatest physical poetry”

The 40th Colours Night of University of Sri Jeyawardenapura saw its completion on 17th August 2014 at Grand Ball Room of Mt. Lavinia Hotel. A gathering of likeminded individuals who strive for the impossible because that is the basis of every sport; the desire to dream and achieve a dream through sheer willpower and strength. 

The event kicked off at 4.30pm with the arrival of the chief guests Mr. Sunil Jayaratne and M.P. Nandimithra Ekanayake. Dr. N. L. A. Karunaratne, the Vice Chancellor of J’pura University gave a speech on the virtues of  engaging in a sport where the mind and body is trained to work as one unit. He also stressed the importance of balancing extracurricular activities with academic activities, commending the sportsmen and sportswomen on their hard work and dedication.

The award for Outstanding sportsman was presented to T. I. Weerathunga and award for Outstanding sportswoman was presented to Vinuri Ranasinghe. A Special Award was also presented to the best player in each team. There were dances and entertainment items throughout the event showcasing the aesthetic talents of the students at J’pura.

The night was awash with colour and joyous celebration where the sportsmen and sportswomen of J’pura rejoiced in their shared triumph and achievement. 

By Sapuni Hettiarachchi 

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