Alumni Reunion: Together Once Again

Over 500 of UOM Alumni traveled back to Moratuwa to reconnect with one another, interact with lecturers and undergraduates and see how university has grown since their time at UOM. The main attraction was the formal gathering at lagan which was followed by several other events to suit the desire of each Alumni. These events included basketball games, Cricket matches, badminton matches, volleyball matches, tennis matches and rifle shooting, singing, kids activities, game zone and robotic sessions. Chancellors, former Chancellors and many other distinguished Alumni members came towards the latter part of the day to witness this precious event.

This was the first ever event in history with an open invitation to all Alumni members of UOM to take part in the Alumni Reunion at the university grounds and see what university is today while reliving old days.

UOM graduates who came back to university for the “Back to Mora” event on 2nd of July were met with a quite different sight thanks to the newly finished lagan area behind the Textile department.

 “For most of you place that you are sitting almost was nonexistent, when we were students we didn’t know there is this much of space. First of many surprises you will see is that Moratuwa University has changed a lot. Go to your and other departments. As you saw we have built new faculties now. Walk around and take part in all the activities we have arranged for you and I am very happy to see future Moratuwa graduates also with us” said the President of Alumni Association during the formal gathering.

First date that was previously reserved for the event had to be postponed due to natural disaster of Sri Lanka and the death of UOM student because of dengue that happened day before the event nearly canceled the event for the second time. The Alumni Association took the challenge and passed the message to all members those who had registered with the event, even though the participation to the event drastically dropped in response to the last night news stating that the UOM will be closed for the next two weeks. But Alumni Association ensured that all those who participated for the event left the university premises with great memories.

“This evening is going to be a memorable evening for me, staff members and for you all. As it was indicated this is the very first time UOM Alumni Association extended an open invitation to all Alumni members to come and spend the evening and this event is to facilitate you to come back to mora and also we want to see you and meet you and for you to see changes that has taken place in the university and more importantly to connect with you so we can maintain it for many more years” Vice Chancellor said in his speech addressing the formal gathering that happened at the lagan.

Vice Chancellor expressed his gratitude to the President of Alumni Association Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara and the executive committee for their hard work and commitment during the organizing of this function which extended for weeks and months.

 “UOM Alumni Association and we thought it is very important that we connect with all Alumni members. As it was mentioned Alumni can play tremendous role in upliftment of UOM and the other way providing benefits to Alumni members. So, we from UOM are ready to extend our services to our admin in many ways to support your success and extend your services in many different ways and it is not just by funding and there are many different ways of supporting UOM like Engineering Mentoring” said the Vice Chancellor.

“And today you have the opportunity to go around and experience vast physical expansion change in terms of infrastructure in terms of buildings that we have. We also have expanded in terms of educational activities, faculties, departments, intake of students and in terms of quality. We have reached highest level of employment and we are very proud, we are not second to world class universities” he further added.

Article by: Ingeetha Nimnavi

Edited by : Imthadh Ahamed

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