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Drizzling rains have veiled the atmosphere with energetic sense; silver trickles of the rain dip in to the earth renewing the life roots of the souls around. MORALE 2018 –“where the young spirits fuel up and renewed’’ was commenced on 6th of June at Civil Auditorium as a strong base for the upcoming Inter University Games.  Youngsters representing the every sports team enthusiastically participated the inspiring event and directed their mindset towards the glory of victory.

Seven colors winning outstanding personality, an  engineer, educator  and author Mr. Nalaka Hewamadduma graced this memorable event as a chief guest .Guest of honor, Dr Lal Ekanayaka ,Director of physical education K.R.D.C.Rathnamudali ,Past sports council president Savindu Herath ,Current sports council president Amindu Silva add glamour to the occasion scrolling the new episode in Moraspirit Diary. The director of physical education, K.R.D.C.Rathnamudali welcome the gathering to this occasion. In his speech he reinforced the importance of mental stability for upcoming Inter University Games.

Time leads to the motivational speech of Mr. Nalaka Hewamadduma, one of the unique product of the University of Moratuwa. With a pleasant smile, he started the speech raising a question from the audience that how much mental health affect to the performance of a sport personality, Is it fifty-fifty. No, actually not. Mind affects 90% percent of the performance. Mr. Nalaka pointed out the importance of well-trained mind by highlighting the living instances like Usain Bolt. Therefore, mental training and management plays a major role in achieving success. He consult youngsters how to manage the mental health putting many theories forward. Some of the highlighted facts in his motivational speech are given below.

  • Filled up your senses with positive commands, fuel up your conscious mind, which controls all the senses, and offer solutions.
  • Image you create through what you say is crucial that outer appearance of the words.
  • Sub-conscious mind is your mental power. Sharpen your skills and get motivated.
  • Shaper of your performance is your self-image. To change the image you must first change yourself.
  • Replace your self-image with the self-image what you want.
  • Stick to your dreams. Talk, think and write what happening.
  • Become a role model. Save your name along with the sport.

Youngsters seemed to be in high spirits by his speech. Mr. Nalaka Hewamadduma did afterwards launching ceremony of MoraSpirit website for Inter University games and MoraSpirit app, which is another milestone in MoraSpirit history. Empowering the university sports, we had a long journey in uplifting our Alma marter.

Thereafter Dr.Lal Ekanayake held an interactive session on prevention of injuries, which is common to all of the sport personalities. There is high possibility of facing injuries. Sometimes they may not get recovered too. Therefore, it is much better to take prior actions to overcome those injuries. Dr. Lal advised many strategies to be followed in order to achieve a higher outcome at the end. Warm up yourselves is essential before performing the sports activities since it improves blood transportation, which enables to play easily. Further different stretching exercises were demonstrated using one sportsman. It was emphasized by the Dr. Lal, that accuracy in stretching is much needed, otherwise it will be vain. Further, it should aligned to the axes of body to improve the range of movement of muscles. Then the Dr.Lal reinforced the importance of biomechanics: the correct techniques in performing the activities. Apart from that, use of the quality equipment is vital. Selecting the correct and proper shoes according to the requirements is emphasized. Further, they should checked frequently to avoid the accidents.

When your get injured adequate recovery is also imporatant.Most often micro injuries occurs while performing the activities. Therefore, cool down process is a must. Further, Dr Lal advised youngsters to have recovery diet (low fat yogurt, fruit juice, fruit salad) within 30 minutes after the practice. Further he points out another good practice that is to drink water which aid for the proper blood circulation. Dr .Lal also advised them to recognize the signs of overtraining: Low sleep, frequently get sick, less food, getting angry are some of them Dr.Lal advised young people to stay strong and healthier for the upcoming Interuniversity Games and blessed to go ahead.

Afterwards another remarkable character, 2016/17 sports council president, past Hockey team captain, awards winning champion Savindu Herath, attracted the audience. He shared his experiences with youngsters how to be the champions among the champions. He advised team captains how to select the best team for the struggle upcoming. Further, he was so keen to know plans that have set up by the captains to the Inter University Games 2018. Moreover; he emphasized the fact that self-interest is the governor that you lead to the success.

Time passed by, sprits seemed to be much motivated. Inspiring sessions came to end. Souvenirs were awarded for the guests who had directed the youngsters to the glory of victory. Sachintha Madhawa, who was the project chair of the program, did the vote of thanks.

Let the rain of victories to fall! Minds have been set up. Are you ready? Keep in touch with MoraSpirit to roar with champions.


Article by: Lahiruni Perera

Edited by: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored by: Millennium IT


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