The Roughest 7’s Battle in the University Rugby

It’s time for the next biggest tournament of University Rugby arena. Mora Rugby is organizing Mora Sevens for the 17th time on 25th of November, 2017. This year twenty-four teams will be battling for the title at Ananda College Rugby Ground representing state Universities, non-state Universities and other Higher Educational Institutions.

This tournament will be an opportunity for budding youngsters who have entered the University Rugby after the Inter University Rugby Championship-2017. In the past Mora Sevens enabled many youngsters to unleash the dexterity in them.  Most importantly Mora Sevens will be one of the few star class tournaments where almost all the Higher Educational Institutions are contested. Mora Sevens is a renowned tournament among University Rugby players and it’s considered as one of the major event in a calendar year of University Rugby.

There are several tournaments promoting this format of Rugby, undoubtedly, one the fastest growing sports in the world. Inter University Rugby Championship-2017, KDU 10’s and recently concluded LEO super 7’s has triggered the competitiveness among rivals. Though there are big giants in the field such as Mora and  SLIIT other teams should also be considered as the forces to be reckoned with. Because, unlike the other format each offence made by the team can be as costly as losing the game. Defending champions, Royal Institute will have to play hearts out if they are to retain the title.

Speaking to MoraSpirit on this year’s Mora Sevens, Captain of Mora Rugby, Sachin Nissankaarachi commended the service of Mr. KRDC Rathnamudali (Director of Physical Education) for the continuous support and Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya, the MIC of Rugby for his guidance, Past and present members of MORA rugby team.

Join us in the Mora Sevens -2017 on this Saturday at Ananda College Rugby Ground to witness the scintillating tries, sparkling speed and lively game of Rugby!

Article By: Imthadh Ahamed 


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