On the way to victory for MORA SMASHES 2017

Table Tennis team of University of Moratuwa proudly bring together Mora Smashes 2017, the Invitational Integr University Championship on 21st and 22nd of this month at university new gymnasium with the participation of both government and private university table tennis champs.

Doing a sport like a medicine. It patch up our both body and mind. Victories make our life charmed but overthrow teaches us how to balance our life. By conveying that message and as well as to uplift the inter relationship among universities all over the country, university of Moratuwa table tennis team organize this event annually.

Table tennis title holders from Colombo, Ruhuna, Uva, Kelaniya, Rajarata, Peradeniya and NSBM, CINEC and IIT universities are supposed to be hand in hand with the event. This will be a smart turning point of their lives since this clarifies not only to feel the victory but more than that. And also this experience will show superior direction to being a virtuous sportsman as well as to sense the jam-packed happiness with other university colleagues.

There will be team events for both boys and girls with minimum 3 participants and maximum 5 participants for a team. There will be more than 12 boys teams and 10 girls teams. No one cannot get away from their responsibility for the winning moment as a team. Each and every individual put their supreme effort on it. Team is like a sequence. If one down entire the team will setback. From a competition like this players will be able to develop their communication skills with others and it will be really helpful to their future certainly.

And also they hope to have Men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mix doubles too. It will be a day attached with real bliss along with the blessings of table tennis lovers too. This will be a great opportunity to recognize talents of fresher’s and to give a better exposure to new comers’ to table tennis.

We can be the spectators of extraordinary competition on that day with the involvement of Mewan Abeywicrama who represent Moratuwa team and Pasan Kavikeshawa from Peradeniya those who were selected for World university games. For the closing ceremony Mrs. Nandika Denipitiya who is a consultant architecture will be participated as the Chief Guest of the event.

Time has come to carefully choose the best racket, ball and enter to the table tennis arena. MoraSpirit crew wish all the best for Moratuwa Table Tennis team and all the participants to have a successful event and to get the maximum benefit from it.

Be there at University of Moratuwa new gymnasium to blast your cheering bombs in this weekend.

Article by: Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by:Millennium IT

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