"We are the best” Old Moras convinced.

The annual football tournament, ‘Soccer Mora Reunion 2018’ organized by the current football team of University of Moratuwa was held on 22nd of April 2018, among the past soccer players and the current soccer players at university playground.  The old giants of Mora soccer arena arrived to the university ground on time. It was much evident by their faces, that they were very much happy to meet their friends and to get back under the warmth of their mother, “University of Moratuwa".

Before entering to the battle, the current Mora football players arranged some fun games for the old Mora football players. Old Mora players enjoyed a lot from it and it allowed all the juniors and seniors to tight up their bonds.

Four groups; two from each side; were formed among the old Mora players and the current Mora players, and were put to play in the ground. Altogether there were 3 matches played.

The 1st match was a nine-a-side match. It was a little bit exciting one. Old Mora kept their authority from the beginning by scoring 2-1 at full time. The scores were taken by Ashwin Dias & Thilina Janesh for the Old Mora side. John scored for the current Mora side.

The 2nd match was a seven-a-side match. No one was able to score, in the full time of play. In the penalty shootout old Mora managed to win the match among the great cheering from their colleagues.

When the sun was dying, while the current Mora team looks so upset, the 3rd match was started to play. But as in the other matches; Old Mora warriors invaded the battle field, and refused to give up the victory. They won the 3rd match which was a seven-a-side one by, 4-3 at full time showing how they did it back in their days.

At the conclusion of the football tournament, the past football team players which did an immense service towards the team in uplifting and bringing it so such a stable position were presented with souvenirs, and the old Mora Soccer player, Rasika Indrajith did the vote of thanks at that moment.

The day ended up with filling another beautiful page of Mora soccer players.


Article by : Amanda Kannangara

Edited by : Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored by : Millenium IT

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