Are you still there, we have moved forward !

Yearly recruitment progression and orientation program of MoraSpirit was successfully held at University of Moratuwa from 8 a.m. onwards yesterday 21st of March 2018 with the participation of those who are looking forward to start a novel ride in their lives together with MoraSpirit.

Sun rays have been stroked the grass of Lagan through the tops of trees and both persons and the surrounding were viewed fresher. One by one applicants stepped to the Lagan with full of expectations and expressions on their outside discovered that this was going to be a miraculous experience for them indeed.

By opening the orientation program, Praveen Kumarasinghe one of the proud products of MoraSpirit made a speech to the crowd and did an ice break drive with partakers. It was really fun time and everyone of there was got chances to get to know each other and identify the most interesting fact about their new friends. There was no suspicion that all of us were surely delighted at that instant with what they shared with us.

After all the barriers are broken down among interviewees and made sensed them as a one family Chief Operating Officer Thakshal Ekanayake addressed the gathering and made them more and more attached to the MoraSpirit history and its spreading out. In his speech step by step he declared how this enormous organization was formed up to the current remarkable position. After him our Chief Strategic officer Indunil Jeewashantha shared his experiences devoted with MoraSpirit and he mentioned the importance of being a part of this treasured organization.

Our Chief Corporate Officer also amalgamated to share his attitudes, potentials about MoraSpirit and mainly he pointed out that no matter whether you are from which level in the university you can be a frontrunner of MoraSpirit like him if you have performed well with your duties. All the pillar heads of MoraSpirit shared their know-hows and responsibilities of each pillar with the participants and I think it was very useful them to familiarize with MoraSpirit life.

After orientation program we went through our interview session at Centra court. It was very excited time period for both interviewers and interviewees. All of us wanted to select the best crew members who can energize the year ahead and empower university sports together with MoraSpirit. Most of the interviewees gone through the interviews very well and they will get positive answer in near future. MoraSpirit board truly respected those who played a part in yesterday sessions.

So if you were not able to come for the interviews do not give up. We are not stopped seeking the members yet. We will make an additional ultimate chance for you to be engaged with us in near future. Accordingly get ready with your CV and prepare to be the best among the best. Are you still there, we have moved forward but you are not late yet. Do not miss this honor to activate a ride with professionals. Keep in touch with MoraSpirit !

Article by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by : Millennium IT

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