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In this Avurudu season, “food” is everyone’s favorite word. Kavum, kokis, avurudu meals, sweets and desserts are some of them. But, if you are an athlete, unless you control when and where which food becomes your favorite, brace yourself for a performance dip once you return to the university and restart practicing. All the efforts made to stay physically fit as a sportsman or a sportswoman before the Avurudu season began will be in vain. With the Inter-University Games in the vicinity, it is not a luxury you can afford. So, in order to return with the same performance level you left with, you will have to stick to a diet plan and control what you eat. Follows is a bit of advice on how and what you should eat during the Avurudu season which is littered with food.

Plan your meals when the day begins

When you wake up in the morning, make a habit of adding a little mental note on the meals you will be having in the day ahead. What you will eat, how big your meal is, how many meals you will have, which snacks you will eat in between your main meals, which nutrients you should add to the meals today and what you should not eat today. If you have to have a rich meal containing a high amount of fat and calories during the day, reduce the size of the rest of the meals and limit eating snacks in between the main meals to balance the total intake of calories per day. First, plan. Then, stick to it, which is, of course, the hardest part of the process. So, every time your heart says, “Only this, just this one”, remind yourself what is at stake, your dream as a sportsman, sportswoman. Try your best to follow the points discussed below when planning.

Do not skip the breakfast

Compared to the grandeur meals you will be having these days, breakfast may seem a bit irrelevant. But, breakfast is quite beneficial for an athlete to stay fit as research suggest. Also, it helps to reduce your food indulgence throughout the day. A few snacks do not count as a breakfast, though. A full meal, with sufficient nutrients, does.

Keep your distance from fast food

Fast food and junk food, with their high-calorie rates and niggling amount of nutrients, are your worst enemy. If you can bid farewell to all the fast food, it is the best. If not, discipline yourself to reduce the times and the amount you eat. Don’t eat fast food unless you have any other option and you are really hungry. Avoid junk food like kavum, kokis, or doughnuts, with high calories and next-to-none nutrients, at any cost.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits

The more, the better is the rule applied to vegetables and fruits but, as some cooking methods like frying add extra fat to a prepared dish, eating raw fruits and vegetables, if possible, is the best for your-self. Sweet potato, most of the green vegetables, mushroom, beetroot, orange, and banana are a few of the first-choice vegetables and fruits for an athlete.

Take your daily dose of protein

Protein is the most important nutrient for an athlete’s fitness. It helps to build your muscles and increase their endurance. Since most of the protein sources are high-fat, high-calorie products, you should be careful over where you extract proteins from. In that sense, egg yolks, low-fat dairy products, fish, lentils and high-protein vegetables are the best protein sources. Chicken or any other animal meat is usually high-fat protein sources that you should only eat occasionally and in meager amounts.

Eat small meals over large meals

Regardless of what you eat, don’t eat large meals because, always, too much is too bad. If you are the type who gets hungry in short intervals, eat several small meals a day than three main meals. But, make sure what you eat is low-fat.


Finally, exercise daily. Burn what you ate to stay fit. Be it a quick sprint down the alley, an hour-long walk or a planned workout, just does it. If you couldn’t exercise today, doesn’t matter, do it tomorrow, but not day after tomorrow.

Article by : Anjalee Sudasinghe
Edited by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by : Millennium IT

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