Dinushki Premanath: The Champion Among Champions

Many Undergraduates of University of Moratuwa are National Level Winners and today we are going to introduce another top role model in the University Sports. She is a highly influential character, epitome of  dedicated leadership and high flyer in academics. She is the leader of Women’s Chess team of University of Moratuwa, Dinushki Premanath.

Dinukshi let’s talk about yourself first and your academics

I am Dinukshi Premanath from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Batch of 15'.

As we all know you are a national level winner and the leader of chess team. For that kind of talent you must have a great practice and encouragement. How did you begin with chess?

I started chess when I was in grade 3 in my school Girl’s high school, Kandy. My younger sister also plays chess and represented country in International championships as me. I want to mention my school specially because it is the place where I learned about chess and alma mater encouraged me for achievements.

Well, You are a student in flying colours since school time. How did your parents help to maintain both academics and sports?

I want to thank my family members first. They are the great pillars behind my success. From childhood they helped me to maintain my studies and chess practices. Especially when I had tournaments and I missed my lessons, they helped me a lot.

Now you are an adult and you have to handle hectic schedules. As you are in the University, you have to do your works on your own. How do you manage your sport carrier with academics?

Yes. Actually, it is very challenging to manage both at same level. But by managing my time effectively so far, I have achieved it. Still I maintain a GPA of first class and also when I play I consider only about playing and when I study I only focus on studies.

As you said you must have great help from your University Physical Education Division also. We would like to know about it as well.

Yes. Specially Mr. Luxman Wijesuriya and the whole division helped me and encouraged me. In addition, they help me to maintain academics with tours and help me to have leaves from department.

You are a leader and also a national level champion. Now let’s talk about your achievements.

First, I must tell that I was lucky enough to be a student of National coach Komrov Dimitry from Ukraine and his advices were very helpful during the tournaments.

In this year I was lucky enough to be the Sri Lanka Women’s National Chess Champion for the second time.Earlier in 2009,2001 and 2015 I won runners up in same category. In addition to that following are my past achievements.

Represented National Team in World Chess Olympiad 2010 in Russia and in 2012, Turkey. This year Olympiad will be held in Georgia and I am the Captain of National Women’s team. In 2010 I won WFM (Women’s Fide Master) title at Olympiad tournament.

Represented Sri Lnka University team at World University Chess championship 2016 held in UAE.

Participated in GACC Inter Varsity Chess Championship 2017 held in Malaysia.

Represented Sri Lanka Women’s National team at Asian Team Chess Championship, 2009

Represented Sri Lanka at World Youth Championship, Asian Championship, Asian Junior championship and Asian School Championship held in Turkey,China,Philippines and UAE.

In order to win this much of tournaments your dedication is a must and also great practice is needed. So how often do you practice with your team members?

Usually we practice twice a week but before IUG we do our practices daily. All team members are dedicated for their works and they give great support to me also.

Last year we were placed 4th in Inter University Chess Championship and this time we work very hard to be among top three teams.

We already witnessed your consistent performance, how about your future tournaments?

World Chess Olympiad 2018-Georgia

World University Chess Championship-Brazil

Commonwealth Chess Championship-India

You are an Engineering  Undergraduate and in few years time you will finish your degree and start your carrier related to the field. At that time will you give up on Chess?

Chess is similar to my life now. How can I give up on Chess? I will continue my sport carrier any how even if I’m busy with my carrier.

You are a special character and we have lot more to learn from you. Do you have anything to say to  budding players?

Now a days chess is been gaining a huge popularity in the country and  also playing chess can give you many benefits. It helps us in developing problem solving skills,  creativity, concentration and ability to work as a team etc. These things will help you both in academics and carrier. Anyone can join Chess at any level in the University. Being a player from school days is not a necessity. Practice is the  key for success in Chess.

We are  delighted to  share the  experience of a personality of your caliber, as Moraspirit, we wish you all the very best for your future tournaments!

Article By:  Dewni Senevirathne

Edited By: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored By: Milllennium IT

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