E-sports heating up the virtual ground!

Many people will agree on the fact that without sports Earth is the worst place to live. Sport gives a lot to everyone’s life including victory and pain. There are hundreds of sports events happening all over the world starting from world club based sporting events to world championships. The money and fan-following increase with the increase of the sports spirit and zest in that particular match. These above mentioned details are about conventional sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc. But in near future another kind of sport is slowly taking over the world and it is on its own path to become the “next big thing” in sport arena. That is none other than E-SPORTS.

E-sports are about video games. There are numerous video games all around the world. A unique thing about e-sports is that it has many genres in it such as adventure, racing, arcade and so on. This feature makes e-sports different from other conventional sports. In e-sports we can even play  conventional sports but in front of a computer.

Video games are very popular among Srilankan students. Starting from computer to Play Stations gamers have access to every gaming console. Gamer.lk utilized this interest and created an event called “Inter University E-sports Championship”. This championship organized by Gamer.lk for the third consecutive time happened on 21st and 22nd April 2018 at Trace-Expert City. ICBT won the championship last time. This tournament was open exclusively to the students of universities and other educational institutes in Sri Lanka. There were team events, individual events and women events too. Dialog Gaming, MSI, Redbull and Readme were the partners of this event.

34 universities took part in this event. Many video games were played in the competition. Call of Duty, DOTA 2, League of Legends, FIFA 18, Project Cars were few of the games played in the event. For the women’s category Need for Speed and Mario Kart were on screen to show women’s gaming skills. All the participants took part in the event with lots of fun and enthusiasm. After two days of intense gaming action SLIIT Team emerged as the undisputed champion and APIIT Team became the first runners-up. Gamer.lk should be congratulated for conducting this event successfully.


Article by G.Ganeshaaraj

Edited by PIyumi Yashodha

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