Injuries should not stop his career !

This is a time, where the whole environment is filled with the warm of the most popular sport in Sri Lanka, “Cricket!” It is very much sure that you got enthusiasm while hearing the word even.

Yes, it is thrilling, but not easy to play as we see from the screen or from the pavilion. It is not only throwing the ball and batting. Cricketers are multitaskers, as bowlers, batters, fielders and wicketkeepers performing after hard practices and tough times. Several studies have revealed that 225 injuries were sustained with an overall incidence of 10/100 days, prevalence of 13% and average of 32 days – lost per injury. Ankle, knee and hand regions had the highest incidence while fast bowlers had the highest incidence and prevalence. Statics reveal that 16% of fast bowlers are likely to have an injury. Unfortunately, sometimes, players have to quit their careers due to injuries.

But, they believe injuries should not stop his career! Who are they? They are the ones who invented “Flisma”. “Flisma” is a wearable system which is a comprehensive cricket injury detection platform, invented by Mr. Buddhishan Manamperi, Mr. Chirath Hettiarachchi, Mr. Ahmed Ifham, and Mr. Janith Priyankara of University of Moratuwa with the supervision of Dr. Pujitha Silva at Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

Flisma measures the arm accelerations, velocities, angles and muscle activities to predict whether the bowler is having a bad bowling pattern and can inform whether he is prone to an injury in advance.

How Flisma works? It takes bowling arm’s angle, acceleration, velocity, muscle force, muscle activity and processes with the signals and pattern recognition and analytics. After the process, the result will be arm injury prevention and workload calculation.

Flisma is brighter with its unique qualities. As flisma not just counting the deliveries, it considers the arm motions, fatigue levels and the muscle activity levels in order to step forward against high injury rates and inconsistent performance by fast bowlers. It’s not a restriction to bowlers and comfortable to wear, as it acts as an inner skin and do wireless data gathering.

The whole world will be benefited by Flisma, not only the international and national levels but also the school and university level players. Thanks to the Flisma team, as they targeted on sports welfare, future super heroes also can afford it. So, IUG will also be blessed by Flisma.

Flisma is a gift from Sri Lanka to the whole cricket world. So, visit and step ahead to the new world.

Article by : Janani Kulasekara
Edited by : Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by: Millennium IT

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