IUGs 2017 Is Drawing to a Close

Wrestling has been derived from survival fighting that were prevalent during ancient days where two opponents engage in a weaponless combat to clench the victory and the wrestler who manages to remain alive or the one who succeed in killing or doing a major injury to the other party is taken as the medalist. IUGs 2017 is about to happen and players might come up against formidable opponents at the University Games as they excite the competition. We invite all the wrestling lovers to gather at the gymnasium of University of Kelaniya on 29th and 30th of September to witness this battle. Players of not less than 9 weight categories coming in to be decorated with medals.

University of Peradeniya has been the Champions of Wrestling throughout the history and they are eminent as an unbeatable team. University of J’pura, UOW, UOM and UOE are some menacing teams and they have always secured all the top ranks and they have never allowed any medal for intruders. It is the effort and determination that come in the form of a victory, thus the IUG-2017 wrestling champions might not be UOP and can be any team. Who will eliminate the favourites? Who will smack down their opponents? Who will take the trophy? Let’s find who will claim Gold, Silver and Bronze in this weekend at the university gymnasium.

Belt and Jacket, catch-hold and loose styles are the three rudimentary styles of wrestling contests. In Belt and jacket competitors take a good hold of their opponent by griping from the outfit of the wrestler. In catch-hold type contests players are prescribed to hold their adversary before the bout commence and to retain the hold until the match ends. Modern international competitions take the form of the loose style where contestants should begin the game with themselves standing spaced out but any type of grip is tolerated during the match. If the player is thrown to the mat it is taken as an immediate win in this style of wrestling.

Wrestling ranks number 8 among the 10 most popular and commercially successful games that Americans cherish. Sri Lanka also has many gifted wrestling stars who were uncovered during IUGs, who might bring home Olympic medals soon or later. That’s why IUGs has always been one of the biggest opportunities for the talented players to display their dexterous moves and stances and to seize chances to triumph at global level.

Wrestling is in need of new fans to love it and nurture it. All are most welcome to the gymnasium of University of Kelaniya to witness how charming and striking the wrestling really is? Who can resist its grandeur and elegance? We can assure that everyone who will come to the event will surely end up becoming its fans. All you have to do is reserve the date for the event. See you all in the coming weekend at the university premises.

Article By : Ingeetha Nimnavi

Edited By : Imthadh Ahamed

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