Let the oars splash the water !

Rowing is one of the most spectacular sports happening in water. The fascinating moment of the boat being pushed off the bank and rowed by those oars that strike the water splashing high in the air, while propelling forward with a streak on water left behind is thrilling to watch. Rowing competitions are nevertheless exhilarating and are always driven flamboyantly by an energetic crew of rowers towards the finish line in the blink of an eye.

Rowing as a sport requires a massive amount of energy and strength. It literally gives a full body workout. To push the shell (boat) against the water by sculling needs willpower and concentration. The training is rigorous and tiring. Yet, the spirit of the oarsmen to push against the water currents to retain a winning streak is truly exceptional.

The Inter University sports season has already begun. It is the best time of the year where young sportsmen, sportswomen and university students let their hearts beat with excitement and enthusiasm. Rowing has always being a thrilling sport in the inter university games. Young oarsmen and oarswomen from Universities Island wide seize this opportunity at Inter University games to show their muscle power and team spirit to aim for the championship. So let’s not keep the lakes untouched and gloomy until the water races start.

Smack and splash the water, get dripped, row your boats and get rough and fierce for the rowing battle of the year!

Article by – Piyumi Yashodha
Edited by – Kasuni Harshika

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