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Pleasant weather, with a clear sky and blowing wind has blessed the nature lovers in a great manner. The saying “Nature will bless the nature lovers” had become true in this morning. The plants in the temporary pots, smiled with each other, knowing that they would get a new home, new guards and food and water.

MoraSpirit members with UOM staff and students, Thuru organization, staff and the students of Bodhiraja Vidyalaya, Piliyandala devoted 27th of July 2017 for Mother Nature. The special tree planting project of Moraspirit started to happen sharp at 9 am at Bodhiraja Vidyalaya premises.

From the early morning the interest towards this project was visible on the little faces and their parents worked hard to clean the garden and prepare it for tree planting.

Mr. Hasanga Padukka from Thuru organization, addressed all of us and described the importance of increasing the green cover. He added that a 30 feet tree will produce 550 liters of oxygen per day in addition to the shelter, flowers and fruits that will be provided. He invited all of us to join with them through Thuru App to have 2 million trees by the end of 2018 and contribute to save the world.

As well he introduced us Mr. Sadeek who is the first volunteer joined with Thuru team and has been working with them to have a green world. Mr. Sadeek also invited us to join individually or as a team and pay the gratitude to Mother Nature.

Aruni Rathnasekara, the president of MoraSpirit thanked to all who joined with this great event, specially the Thuru team who provided the guidance to lead this project for success. As she asked the students of the school to protect the trees that were going to be planted there, the little voices shouted as one and promised her that they will take care of their new friends.

The principal of Bodhiraja Vidyalaya advised his students to feed the trees with water and fertilizer, then the trees will grow with them, eventually become big trees and contribute to world same as the educated students.

The first trees were planted by the principal, Madam Vishaka Nanayakkara from UOM, Mr. Hasanga and Mr. Sadeek from Thuru team and Aruni Rathnasekara. It was much hard to choose a one from little students for the official moment of planting trees as they all wanted to participate on that. Finally one little hand represented all her colleagues and participated for that moment by helping Aruni to plant the tree. Madam Vishaka advised them that, at the moment we have planted only 5 trees, the responsibility is with them to plant all and take care of them.

Thanks to Kotmale, all of us, especially the little ones got refreshed with the milk packets.

A small gift from UOM including stationery items was handed over to the principal of Bodhiraja Vidyalaya by Madam Vishaka.

MoraSpirit members planted some trees and all the remained trees including ‘Rambutan’, ‘Na’, ‘Ehela’ etc. and bunch of herbal plants with pots were handed over to the little hands. They promised to take care of the plants with the collaboration of school Environmental Society and Moraspirit will also keep in touch with them.

After keeping all the smiling faces in front of the camera, the event was winded up. The little planted trees shook happily in their new positions.

MoraSpirit invites all of you to join to recover the green cover with Thuru via Thuru App. However, we all have a responsibility to plant at least one tree and take care of it until it grows. Don’t be late, start today itself. Let’s create a green world again.

Article by: Janani Kulasekara
Edited by: Kasuni Harshika

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