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Open recruitment for MoraSpirit is happening now and you can apply for the pillars of Human Resources (HR), Corporate development, Editorial, Web and Design, Creative development, Marketing, News Operations and Special projects till 5th of March 2018 over http://moraspirit.com/carees-0. Don’t surplus your proficiencies and take hold of this great opportunity to be a part of university sports culture.

What does it really means?

The vision of MoraSpirit is to become leader in creating a proud, highly-intense sporting culture at university level in Sri Lanka, by promoting healthy competition and encouraging participation in sports which help grow into well-rounded individuals.

Who ignite the spark of MoraSpirit?

MoraSpirit is launched on 25th of September 2009 by Mr.Heminda Jayaweera and Mr.Dilanka Jayasundara with the charming vision to uplift university sports culture together with Mr.Kirthevasan Kandasamy, Mr.Shelan Perera and Mr.Thiagarajah Selvamoorthy.

Whom this is for?

If you are having the thirsty of enhancing your skills, attitudes, knowledge and being a professional prior stepping to your future carrier this will be the turning point of your life with conviction. No matter you are away from UOM, in near future we would like to link those who love to be with us from other universities as distance reporters too. So, keep in touch with us always.

How to be a proud MoraSpiritee?

Just apply via the above link and after interviews you can be a part of us. There will be a probation period of 3 months after you have been selected and you can work for 1 year and if you are interesting work in next year you can extend time of your job as your choice. There will be a mid-year recruitment also to fulfill adequate members in the organization.

Why all cannot be?

You need to be poles apart from others and need to have plentiful strength to empower university which comes from your core.

Why this is not a club?

The main difference between other clubs and MoraSpirit organization is, MoraSpirit has a methodical hierarchy outside the university which similar to a usual organization together with Ex-co board. MoraSpirit is not having its place to university of Moratuwa and it is representing entire university sports culture in Sri Lanka without bias to anyone.

How it is build up?

Inside the university the main responsible person for all the operating activities is COO (Chief Operating Officer: News operations, Editorial, Marketing and Creative development pillars are under the position). After him we have CSO (Chief Strategic Officer: who has the responsibility to agree with contract terms of all outside stakeholders and oversee pillar heads and pillar operations in web and technology, special projects and human resources) and CCO (Chief Corporate Officer: This person needs to handle sponsorships, financial flow and financial status of MoraSpirit. Corporate development and Financial Controller are under him).

Then we have FC (Financial Controller: who is in-charge for all the operational expenses, cash in hand, reporting and handling check books and other documents. After them, all of our pillars are steered by pillar heads and assistant pillar heads.

Who direct us to success?

It is desires to prompt that we have strong shades behind us to drive into the next steps. The Ex-co board, which is counted in past graduates of our university are always firming up and governing us to be the leading light in university sports exposure. We can specially remark Mr.Heminda Jayaweera, Mr.Dilanka Jayasundara, Mr.Nishal Samarasekara who is a lecturer in TLM department of UOM, Mr.Chamal Jayasekara, Mr.Vihagun Ariyarathne, Mr.Naleendra Kularatne, Mr.Niranda Perera, Ms.Sandaru Weerasinghe, Ms.Chathurthi De Silva, Mr.Manoj Nalinda, Mr.Dhanushka Kodituwakku, Mr.Ranil Jayasooriya and most of the past CXO’s and pillar heads as some of the leading lights at present.

Not only them, we have Mr.Julian Bolling and Mr.Chandrishan Perera as our consultants. Many sport stars like Sachithra Senanayake, Nuwan Kulasekara have been together with us for many years. Most of the Sri Lankan artists also behindhand with us by guardianship us more energize. There are a lot of well-wishers and sponsors with us. Devoid of them we cannot be a well efficacious organization like this.

What are the earnings?

If you work smart for MoraSpirit one day one of the above seats may be set aside for you with assurance. You can experience much more things plus Morale, Spitzer, project war, crew gatherings, AGM which are powered by MoraSpirit. You may get a service letter at the end which will stand for your valuable service to the organization. And can have many more friends not only in our university from other universities also. You will be a genius in each and every sport and at the end you may be a part of a valued organization. It not a secret that working in this organization means you can uplift your professional capabilities at a higher level. After all you will get a remarkable opportunity to work together with our proud past MoraSpiriters who were getting touched in international level too.

What kind of opportunities you may have?

News operations

Major news provider of Inter University games, SLUG and university sports events in professional level by taking photographs and editing them.

Web and Design

These members are taking preventive actions to keep MoraSpirit site secure using knowledge in web and android development. You can connect with us via FB page, LinkedIn, Google+, tweeter and Instagram also. The new member of this family is our MoraSpirit android app. You can download it from play store and ride through the university sports arena using your fingers. You can sensation the live streaming experience for selected events too.

Human Resources (HR)

Collaborate and encourage other pillars to achieve organizational goals, then giving rewards for them after calculating KPI values and do event organizing.


Prepare appropriate articles for university sport events covered, new updates on locally and internationally sports world and published them on www.moraspirit.com website using skills on English creative writing within given time period. We are making an opportunity for those who are loved to read and write.

Corporate development or Institutional Relations (IR)

Build up strong bonds between academic and non-academic staff, other universities, out bound sports bodies and media and strength the MoraSpirit in financing side through making sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, high profile individuals by means of donations and merchandizing activities.

Creative development

Create visual and esthetic aspects for a website, flyer designing (Photoshop, Corel draw and illustrator), video editing and generate creative programs and design concepts.

Special projects

Keeping MoraSpirit functional throughput the year by organizing events to keep Mora sports crowd and attract sports lovers to it are the main targets of this pillar. This pillar is handling projects such as sports carnivals; inter university after celebrations like Spitzer, magazines and training programs like Morale. Not only uplifting sports culture they are hand in hand with ecofriendly CSR projects with THURU team also.


Increase the visibility of MoraSpirit within the university and expand the fan base of MoraSpirit to the private universities, institutions and other higher educational institutes. Need to have abilities like videography, video editing, sports results publishing and score sheets making.

So why you are still do not put your step forward to be a professional. If you think you can do this, yes it is. This may be a novel chapter in your university life. More than 8 years of its countless service as a successful organization this has made great flat form to boost up students flairs with the mission of “empowering university sports”.

Article by: Kasuni Harshika
Sponsored by: Millennium IT

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