RUSL: A Force to be Reckoned With

  Today we are going to talk about an outstanding University of Sri lanka, situated in dry zone of the country, University of Rajarata. We met KMPGJA Bandara, Weightlifting Team Captain of University of Rajarata who is a 3rd year Undergraduate of Faculty of Management.

Q-Let’s begin the talk with the achievement of IUG-2017.

A-Last year was a very special year for us, because we could achieve 10th place among all universities. Comparing to 2016 all of our teams have improved their skills and performances. It’s a great pleasure to me.

Q-Among those what was the best achievement you accomplished in last year IUG?

A-Last year we could achieve 2nd place in Women’s Volleyball and that was the best when we consider the competition and the performance of our players. In this year we hope to uplift our level with the help of all the teams in our University.

Q-In order to achieve more what are your preparations for IUG-2018?

A-In this year we are going to conduct motivational programs for all the teams and we have arranged a new schedule which is very effective for players to balance both sports  and their academic works. We also have arranged additional practice sessions for all the teams with their Coaches and I think it will be much effective for overall performance of our university sports in this year IUG.

Q-According to your view what are the best promising teams this year?

A- All of our players are better as well as our Coaches. I’m very happy to say that all of our sport teams are promising in this year.

Q-So, who support you for your achievements?

A-Specially Head of Physical Education is more concerned about our achievements and also his staff give great help for us. Then all sport teams help us in this process. I would like to thank those people in this moment.

Q-What are your strengths and weaknesses in your point of view?

A-Well, I think we have strengths more than weaknesses that’s why we are able secure this place. Our key strength is skillful players in every team. They are well practiced and dedicated to their teams and also, we have a huge paly ground, swimming pool and an indoor stadium within the University premises. All these facilities help to uplift our performances.

Meanwhile, we have minor weaknesses due to the circumstances of university. Hot climate around the premises make players sweat even with few warm ups than usual situation. But we have to bear it and adapt to it because, it is the nature of this dry zone. The far distance between playground and hostels is another problem for our players. Specially it affects our sportswomen when they have early morning and late-night practices.

Q-What are your arrangements in order to overcome last year weaknesses?

A-As I mentioned previously we have arranged a new schedule with a new time table for more practices because, if we practice hard we can achieve more and more. Simultaneously we are conducting team wise and group wise motivational programs within and out of the university. It will be very helpful to improve our performances and to build good integration among teams.

Q-Who are the best players of your University?

A-All of our players are much better in every aspect. But as you asked for a certain name I would like to mention Asanka Welagedara of Hockey Men’s team as a best player among other players.

Q-What is your target in IUG 2018?

A-We know we have good set of players, there’s no reason to undermine our goal. We all work for first place in IUG 2018.

Q-Do you have anything to tell others?

A-Yes. All of us are one family of a mother. So, let’s make Sri Lanka proud with both sports and academic abilities with all our hard works. So, I wish all the very best for all the other universities in IUG 2018.

We as MoraSpirit team wish you all the best for your achievements and hope to see you in IUG


Article By: Dewni Senevirathne

Edited By: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored By: Millennium IT

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