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Skills are gifts from God. To become the best among the best; one should do much commitments throughout his or her life. A character cannot be developed in ease. Only through experience of trial and suffering can a soul be strengthened and success achieved. We were able to find an outstanding character in sports among the cream of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. We all know that, J’Pura University is one of the giants in University sports arena. So we decided to bring you the thoughts of one of the greatest sports shadow of this university who always lead their players to the trophy.

Gihan Madhuwantha is the president of the sports council, a final year student of Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of Sri Jayewardenepura.  We interviewed him to get a closer look at the things behind the scenes for the preparation for IUG 2018.

So Gihan, let us know a little bit about yourself.

I’m Pathinayake Gihan Madhuwantha, currently in the 4th year studying Sports Science & Management at Faculty of Applied Sciences. My alma mater is Wickramashila National College. My 1st memories of been a boxer started from my school days. Now I have being engaged in swimming and karate also.

How far did you fare at the last year IUG?

Our university got the chance to win the all 3 championships; men’s’ championship, women’s championship and overall championship at the last year IUG.

Buoyed by confidence, you and your university have performed consistently throughout the 2017 IUG. Among the achievements you mentioned above, what was the best achievement of yours in IUG 2017?

As I mentioned before; the three championships are the most worth for us.

As the chieftain of the current title holder of IUG as champions, I think you surely have some work to do to maintain the current position in this year too. So what kind of preparation do you have for IUG 2018?

We started trainings months ago, and by talking with captains and vice captains of the teams we found solutions for most of their problems and shortcomings. With those solutions we prepare ourselves for the victory. At the same time we keep an eye on our new comers' talents and we help them to achieve their targets successfully.

The IUG 2018 has almost started. In the battle field, what teams will be the most challenging for you in this year?

I think every team is a challenge to us. We can’t underestimate any one when battling.

A successful journey takes long time in proceeding. You may probably have some ‘helping hands’, who encourages and supports you throughout the preparatory period for 'IUG 2018’.

Yes of course. We are greatly supported by the alumni of our university, sports alumni and lecturers. And also there are past students who were national level players, their support towards us and the bond towards us is really commendable.

To face the life with confidence, we have to seek our weaknesses and strengths in life because sometimes our greatest strengths come from our weaknesses. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In our university, there is sport science degree. It is a great advantage because, many of us are with sports; thankful to that degree. And there are instructors in Department of Physical Education who help us in any situation and facilitate us with all the equipment needed. So they are also one of our strengths. I would also like to remind the coaches who play a great role to make us high. The main weakness we have is that not having an indoor gym yet. So when playing indoor sports like volleyball, we have to practice outdoor.

A leader is someone who, in spite of weakness, but overcomes anyway. How do you overcome the last year weaknesses?

We talked with each and every sport teams and asked if there are any problems regarding the training or any other difficulties. After that we found solutions for them. And also we held fresher’s meets for the new comers and selected best sport spirits among them

Which players are the lion’s share of your university in IUG 2018?

We have 4 players who got the chance to participate for the common wealth games in this year. They are Kavidi Sirimannage, Thilini Hendahewa, Mihiliya Methsarani, Erandi Warusawithana. And also there are many national level players in most of the teams. They play a great role in this year Inter University Games. And overall, we value all the players in our university.

When hunting for the trophy, we should surely identify our target before pulling the trigger. What will be your target for IUG 2018?

Our main target is to win all 3 championships men’s, women’s and overall and also to perform better than the last year in each and every sport.  

As the final note what do you have to say to other universities and players?

Come, compete and win. Hard situations may come. But don’t give up.

We at Moraspirit wish him all the very best for his future endeavors and good luck, wholeheartedly.


Article by: Amanda Kannangara

Edited by: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored by: Millennium IT

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