Sporty Hold is 'GOLD'

MoraSpirit’s Executive Committee is on track introducing a project called GOLD to discover and nurture Sri Lanka’s premium talents in sports. Usually there are 2 projects that are carried out by the ExCo per year, and from those, this one project is out of the ordinary. Particularly, the ExCo was able to identify that because of the burdensome workload that must be afforded by the G.C.E. Advanced Level students in our country due to the education system prevailing. The national players in the school level who are excessively talented and potential tend to get distracted from their sports activities, whereby they will not be able to approach their maximal. However, beyond doubt, the vice versa can also happen; those students messing up with their studies by giving full attention to sports activities.  Thus, the ultimate goal of the ‘GOLD’ is to exert a well-balanced academic plus non-academic alias sports life and to target a medal at The Olympic Games that will be held in the year 2024.    

The advisors who are going to act as the backbone of this project will be none other than Mr.Chadrishan Perera and Mr.Julian Bolling who play their roles as Sri Lankan coaches in two streams.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, here, the target audience will be the Advanced Level students who have shown a brilliant performance in sports being awarded both nationally and internationally. Currently, a pilot group that consists of three athletic players, a swimmer and a squash player is ready to gain ground. The students that represent this group are expecting to sit for the A/L Examination in the academic year 2016/2017 in different realms.  In addition, to be a big backing, talented undergraduates from the universities island wide who represents different disciplines have made sure that they offer individual tuitions for these students through which they can rock and roll in the field of sports so well.   

To sum up, it must be stated that the ExCo members of MoraSpirit are on the go with raising funds at the initial stage while having thoughts on finding a sponsor for this initiative.


By – Ahamed Ifham        

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