Sri Lanka University Rugby to Next Level

2018 was dawn of another year with huge expectations for Rugby champs of worldwide universities. For the first time in history, Sri Lanka was privileged to take part in World University seven-a-side Rugby Tournament. Sri Lanka did complete a successful tour and returned home on Tuesday. Among the 16 teams represented   by dominant countries worldwide, Sri Lanka was able to secure 8th place in the Tournament. 

However, South Africa  snatched the men’s rugby championship defeating Australia while France became the women’s champions overthrowing Australia. In the quarter final round Sri Lankans were defeated by Namibia quitting Sri Lankan’s journey towards championship.

Sri Lanka took part in the tournament which was held along three days in the city of Swakopmund, representing the category A. The team was made up of two players from University of Moratuwa, four players from University of Peradeniya, two players from University of J’pura, one each from University of Kelaniya, University of Colombo and two players from University of Jaffna. Even though Sri Lanka showed a great display of 7-a-side Rugby towards the host- Namibia and Malaysia, it was a terrible defeat for Sri Lankans with scores showing 52-00 and 34-00 respectively. Yet, they came back  strong  against Colombians with a  15-10 win and got selected to quarter finals. Once again Sri Lanka had to face Namibians as the opponents in  quarter finals. The final score was 50-07 in favour of Namibia.

Sri Lankan team could score four tries in the tournament. Kosala Pahalagama scored 3 scintillating tries. Two of them were scored against Colombians and the other one was scored against team Namibia during the dying moments of the game, at the quarter final round. Hansa Dhananjaya scored another try against Colombia.

When looking at the whole tournament, Sri Lankans well played on their 1st World University Rugby Tournament at a moment even the Namibian climate is not in favour with them.

Sachin, the captain of Rugby team, University of Moratuwa sharing his ideas with MoraSpirit stated, “As a player representing University of Moratuwa, I only get the chance to know the players of other universities as my opponents in Inter University Championships. But through this great opportunity I was privileged to work with the best players of other universities as a team representing motherland. It was really a lovely experience that no words can describe. I want to take this moment to thank Mr.Rohitha Mendis,Mr.Anuj,Mr.Pavithra,Mr.Lakshman and specially to the volleyball coach of University of Moratuwa for guiding us and making us successful in taking SriLanka to an international level. I hope next time we’ll be more successful”

 We hope that SriLankan University Rugby Champions will be able to roar in upcoming World University Rugby Tournaments. Moraspirit congratulates all the players and coaches who did  a great job in raising SriLanka to International standard.                                                                                                                                            

Article by: Yashodhya Jayaneththi

Edited by: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored by: Millennium IT


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