Stepping Towards the Championship

If the root is strong, a crushed tree will grow even in hard times. When someone strong becomes the head of all, then he will lead his men towards victory. MoraSpirit had the privilege to have a conversation with a such living example.

Mr.Amindu, the Sports Council President of University of Moratuwa joined with MoraSpirot for a small interview.

 Q: Being the Sports Council President of University of Moratuwa, you have raised your university to an outstanding position in Inter University Games last year. So, shall we begin with the place you secured in the Inter University Games last year?

A: We were able to win the 3rd place in Inter University Games, 2017.


Q: What were the best achievements the University of Moratuwa made with your leadership during Inter University Games, 2017?

A: Well, we were crowned as the champions in Volleyball, Carrom (M), Table Tennis (W) and in Rowing (M). Unfortunately, we lost the championships in both Carrom (W) and Karate (M). But we were able to become the runners-up.


Q: Having secured the 3rd place in the Inter University Games 2017, you may have put some more efforts towards a more successful journey in the Inter University Games 2018?

A: Of course, we have made regular practice sessions compulsory for all sports teams. With the years of experience on sportsmanship, one will know that team spirit and being physically healthy are two most important things to win a game. So, we are holding team building events, motivational programs and physical enhancement projects for our players to unite them as physically and mentally healthy sports teams. Team Mora concept is always the best in bringing up the team spirit to an admirable level.


Q: As a person who always keeps his eyes on every sports team in the University of Moratuwa, you may have noticed some teams on which you can keep the hopes of victory. So, what are the best promising teams this year?

A: As a student of University of Moratuwa, I hope each team will come up to the semi-finals bringing glory to our university. We all hope the teams Badminton, Carrom, Cricket, Karate, Rowing, Rugby, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball may come to the finals and win the championships.


Q: Without a backbone a man can’t stand straight alone. Who became your backbone in bringing the sports teams to a level that other universities find it hard to compete with?

A: The contribution of the Physical Education Division of University of Moratuwa must be appreciated wholeheartedly. For many sports, we have national level coaches. So inevitably they have a vast experience. Without them we could not make this a reality. Old Mora Sports Community has being standing beside us always. Also, I would like to take this moment to thank the non-academic staff for giving us their utmost support.


Q: No one is 100% perfect. Everyone has got their unique strengths and weaknesses. As a Sport Council of a university, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: As I have already mentioned you, now we have the best coaching staff. One can consider it as the strongest point of Mora sports. Team spirit between players; one of the most important features a team should possess, is at the best level in each and every team. Team Mora concept has always been the one of the strengths we had to take our teams to a successful level they are in now. Thanks to the infrastructure facilities, players have pleasant and peaceful minds to pay the whole attention towards the game. But lack of time to practice with the academic burden always becomes a great challenge for us as sportsmen.


Q: You may  have had quite different weaknesses last year than this year. So how did you overcome those weaknesses while stepping to 2018?

A: Well, last year we sought the support from the administration and we had made changes of coaches. I believe this year we have got the best coaching staff. Maintaining the team spirit is a major requirement. So we held some team bonding programs last year.


Q: Whom do you like to introduce as the best performing players in your university?

A: Well, almost all the players do their level best in each and every match. But I would like to introduce you Lahiru Ambegoda and Shamika De Silva in Badminton, P.C.Yatawara and Manuka Ashen in carrom, Mandapa Pandithage in Football, Nuwani Navodya and Kavindi Sahabandu in Table Tennis, Dinukshi Pemanath in Chess, Lakshitha Madushan and Jathushnan Padmakumar in karate, B.H.Hirusha in cricket, Nadun Karunarathna in Baseball, Dewmini Kularathna and H.H.R.L.B.Herath in swimming as the best of the best players representing University of Moratuwa.


Q: What is your target in Inter University games 2018?

A: Our ultimate goal is to be the champions.


Q: Being not only just a sportsman, but a man who is doing a great job to fulfil his will to be the champions of Inter University Games 2018, you may have got something to say to our readers.

A: For gaming you should practice hard. But you can’t do that alone. You have to develop mental and physical strength with the help of the team members. Always dream about your goal and work hard to make it a reality. Do not hesitate to help others and be a player maintaining healthy relationships between your own team and others. Play your hearts out.


That’s how it ended giving the message to other teams to come up with the best of them to compete with Mora in next Inter University Games. MoraSpirit wishes the Sports Council President Mr.Amindu best of luck in achieving goals in upcoming Inter University Games.


Article by Yashodhya Jayaneththi

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsored by Millennium IT

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