The Success Story of the Inter University Table Tennis Championship by Mora Players

Yasith Jayasinghe is an upcoming leader renowned for his victories at the table tennis championship. Even with a spirit to always win, an achievement is not an easy feat to be realized. Therefore Moraspirit is much excited to bring to you the flashback of the life story that narrates the dedication behind the success of men’s table tennis in the university games, through the eyes of Yasith.


01.Please share with us some basic information of yourself like your name, home town , family details and also about your field of study at the University.

My name is Yasith Jayasinghe. I studied at Royal College, Panadura up to my Ordinary Level examination and then went to Ananda College,Colombo to complete my Adanced level examination. I am currently an undergraduate at the Textile Engineering Department of the University of Moratuwa.


02. Sports can most often be a physical and a mental fulfillment for a person. How did you refer yourself to table tennis and how did first enter in to playing the game? Tell us about the inspiration that led you to choose this side.

 I used to play table tennis even at the school since grade eight. That was my first entrance in to this game. When I came to the university I directly wanted to join and play table tennis.


03. As you said you have begun this game even before you started playing for the university team. Did you play for any other tournaments before you entered in to the inter university championship? And were you able to achieve any victories at any such tournament?

I have attended many tournaments since I was in school. And yes I was able to achieve many victories due to which I was able to win colors for table tennis at school.


 04. How enthusiastic were you to join this game when you first came to the university and did you play any other sports apart table tennis for the inter university competitions?

I began practices right at the start since my first year as I joined right when I entered university. But I only played table tennis for inter university competitions.


05. As the society is generally created to follow a leader, we all know  being a captain for a team is a huge responsibility to carry on along with a busy study life.You worked as the captain of the table tennis team last year. If we convert that feeling and those experiences to words, how would you explain it?

If we simply start to talk about that, we all know in a team everyone has to face many problems and challenges when we attend to events. But thanks to my supportive team we were able to face all of that together as a team. When we went for such events we had the biggest support from old Mora players, players of our level and even from from juniors. Constantly having their advice and guidance were strengths to build the team towards success. Considering our team as a family was the key to solve all the problems we had.


06. When a team has won a target, usually it becomes the greatest success for the captain. As we have won the championship this year for table tennis, tell us a bit about that feeling of achieving a goal.

When I was in the first year our team was placed fourth in the games. After that we placed third in the next two years. As we came for the semi finals we had to compete with the best team and we were defeated by them. Last year when I was selected as the captain, I had a target to win the cup. So we worked hard just for that goal. We were very dedicated and we played practice matches with Dharmashoka  College, Ambalangoda and we also have played with best players in Nugegoda. If I shortly say our past dedication is our achievement today. I should also commend the support of the girls’ team. Due to our enthusiasm and will to win the university games we were able achieve both men’s and women’s championships.


07. The support we get is always part of our success. If we talk about the supporters and the people who carry your spirit to take all of you to this position, what do have to say about your supporters and your coaches?

It is very important to commend our coach Mr.Madhura Dhananjaya. He had a plan since the very beginning just to develop the team and he corrected our mistakes and boosted the energy of the team. At the end he gave a great support to build up our physical and mental fitness. I should also commend our vice captain Dhanula Balasooriya. He was like my right hand to step forward to lead the team. Other players in the team Sineru Dinalankara, Anushka Siriweera, Mewan Abeywickrama, Hasindu Lakshan, Hashan Weerakoon, Agaash were together with me all the time. I definitely should thank our old Mora captains and players for their successful ideas since those ideas helped win our championship.


08. Now you are in the final year so this is the last year that you have the chance to play for inter university competitions representing the University of Moratuwa. How do you feel about it?

When it comes to this point I have both happiness and sadness. I’m very sad to leave the university and stop representing the university in sports. But I do feel better when I think about the achievement during my last year. The players should keep this up to the highest level and they should be responsible enough not to bring the team level down. I am really sad about leaving behind all these memories which are connected with the university.


09. A player whose life is attached with sports cannot be separated from those activities. So do you have a plan to continue this game even after your leave the university?

Of course I have no plan to stop this sport for the rest of my life. Where ever I go I will definitely play table tennis as and when I find free time. And I wish to attend university activities even after I leave. The bond I have with this family can never be broken whether I remain in university or not.


10. When the final year players including you leave the team, who do you think will be able to secure this position for championship? And as a captain what is your future guide for their success?

I can mention Mewan Abeywickrama as the best player for now. He is very dedicated and committed in bringing the other players also to his position. And I must specially thank him  for the incredible support to build up the team.

If we talk about my guidance to the players, I must highlight that winning or losing is not the important thing in a sport. The challenge is to continue the achievement without a breakdown. Practices should be done enough to keep the playing level high. Just because we became the champions it does not mean we do not need to do practices. So I strictly recommend the session of practices as a must. The sessions shouldn’t be missed by the players as they need to work on their ups and downs.


11. Do you think the facilities your players receive to run the game is enough for a successful journey or do you see a lack of facilities which should be improved more and do you consider it as a must for practical enhancement?

We have the facilities but I suggest that it should be more to develop the team. Last year we received two tables for the game. But I think if we increase the space to do our practices it will be great for the players. Sometimes it gets late to receive the rackets and the rubbers. There were multiple times where we had them only before two weeks left for the match. So it is a bit tough to work with that matter.


12. When we talk about the priority given for sports inside our university, can you be satisfied with that?

I see one reason to the fact that lots of students are afraid and backward to do sports in the university. That reason is high academic pressure. Sometimes we don’t get permission from lecturers to attend a sport. So the students get a fear of academic failures and they refuse doing sports along with studies. Those circumstances must be changed a little. And our university is not giving repeat exam chances. Therefore the students have to repeat an exam an year after. But our team didn’t have to face those kind of problems and if needed we can also help other students even in the academic side.


13. At last we are eager to know about your future plans and about your ambition.

I wish to be a textile engineer and to begin my own business. Also I want to do something for the university. I hope to continue table tennis as a lifetime sport.


Article by: Yashodya Jayaneththi

Sponsored by: LSEG Technology

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