Team SHARK: Sri Lanka's Fire Demon at Silverstone

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it in to practice. It is rare if an undergraduate gets the opportunity to put all what he learnt at the university and see the result in practice. Team SHARK of University of Moratuwa have seized these rare chances to do something remarkable indeed.

      Formula Student is an annually held, educational motorsport competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE),with the intention of sharping young engineering talents, a platform to experience ,build and learn at famous Silverstone racing circuit. Student alumni from leading universities from all corners of globe, over 100 teams, are challenged to design, build and race a single seat racing car in one year as a team. The competition is now in its 21th year and undergraduates of Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa with 19 team members are looking forward to compete at the testing ground for the next generation of world’s most outstanding Engineers on 11-15 of July, 2018.

      Going back to the history, Team Shark grabbed 3 outstanding awards in Formula student 2016, Best Newcomer in Class 1, Dedication to Formula student and Best Individual Driver Award by Induwara Munasinghe for his outstanding performances at Silverstone circuit by building their first car DIMORA P1 in 2017, the team missed the chance to participate in the competition due to severe delay of the imported parts, which unfortunately pushed the manufacturing of the car. In 2018, they have come up with a new motor racing car, which is light in weight about 190kg and can race about 100 kmph in 3.25 seconds. Besides lot of hard work ,dedication and finely coping with academic schedules these young heroes have come half way of their journey aiming to honour the legacy.

      Although the roots of education are bitter, the fruits are sweet. How challenging is it to build a new racing car? the challenge is dared by Team SHARK,3rd generation. Team SHARK 2018 is supervised by Mr.Sasiranga De Silva, Lecturer at Department of Mechanical Engineering. Members of Team SHARK -2018 are as follows. Lakshitha De Silva (Team Leader) Injula Deegala Punitha Manukamal Aminadha Jayasena Rangana Vidumal Heshan Jayawardhana Chamitha Udagedara Damsara Jayarathne Nipuna Liyanage Vidura Withanapathirana Lahiru Gunaratne Sasanaka Kuruppuarachchi Prasitha Sathsara Indunil Dhanushka Udith Nuwan Vinura Mannapperuma Wudith Woranga Sathindu Jagoda Damith Rajapaksha

      We as MoraSpirit, warmly wish Team Shark, may your dreams of snatching multiple awards in Silverstone circuit and coming back home ranking among top 10 teams in the world will undeniably come true. Trust the work you put on, you will definitely end up with success.

Article By: Ranuja Bandara

Edited By: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored By: Millennium IT
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