Will J'pura defend the Crown?

The journey that began a few months back is still on it’s way. But it will reach it’s destination very soon. 14 universities of Sri Lanka started their quest to seek the trophy of Inter-University Games 2017. Day by day, one of them got closer to the trophy while another of them got away from the trophy. However, any of them can battle in the correct track and secure the trophy. Is there any team that can change the game utterly and seek the trophy?

On their way to the Championship, the teams have to face challenges while participating in each and every game. As of now most of the games are over except for wrestling, football, basketball (men’s and women’s) and hockey (men’s and women’s). So there are 6 more points that can turn the score board around.

Let’s consider the records of the last 4 years (Figure 2). Pera has kept the trophy of wrestling continuously throughout the past years. Will Pera defend their crown of wrestling this year too? Speaking of basketball, no team can grab the Basketball Women’s Champions Trophy from J'pura. On the football grounds, except in 2015, Jaffna secured the Football Championship every year, showing their talents. Let’s see if the crown can be grabbed from Jaffna this time. Will Jaffna be able to hold on to their throne? The Trophy for women’s hockey has been secured by Kelaniya for two years consecutively. What will happen this year? Will they retain their prestige this year too?

No team has been able to take the overall crown of Inter-University Games away from J'pura for the last two years. Will J'pura be able to defend the crown this year too? Or will the trophy be grabbed all of a sudden by Colombo? Can any university turn the scoreboards the other way round?

At the moment, J'pura, Colombo and Mora, are topping the scoreboard with first, second and third places respectively (Figure 1). Let’s pay attention to J'pura and Colombo. Considering the points tables of last four years and the upcoming events (Figure 3), both these universities have been in first four places. There is no difference between Colombo and J'pura more than three points. So, there is a possibility of J'pura defending the overall trophy.

'ut this is a sports tournament. No one can predict the winners. Any team can turn every thing around. Suppose Colombo secures three championships while J'pura loses three quarter finals, then Colombo can collect more than 35 points while J'pura collects less than 10 points. Then there will be a difference of 20.5 points between Colombo and J'pura!

Let’s look into the runners up. Now Kelaniya is in 4th place while Colombo is in 2nd place. The difference in points between Kelaniya and Colombo is 42 points. If Kelaniya gains 5 championships, while Colombo loses quarter finals, Kelaniya can collect around 60 points while Colombo collects less than 10 points. If this happens, Kelaniya can reach runners up.

That’s why, sports is interesting. No one can predict what will happen at the end. That’s the nature of sports. Only by the ending of the journey, can we see, who changed the game and won the trophy.

Bobby Knight who is a retired American basketball coach once said, “The key is not the will to win... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” That’s the important thing for players. The MoraSpirit team wishes all best to the players for the upcoming tournaments of Inter-University Games 2017.


Article by: Ruwani Nisansala
Edted by: Yumna Albar

Sponsored by: Millenium IT

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