The leaders who’ll either find a way or make one – The Sports Council of 2013

The inauguration of the new Sports Council for the year 2013 was held on the 13th of December 2012 at the Division of Physical Education from 11 am onwards, along with the presence of the Director of Physical Education, Mr. K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali, other masters/mistresses-in-charge and the captains and vice captains of 22 sports of the University.

“2013- The Dawn of A Sparkling Era”

Vihangun Ariyaratne, the newly appointed Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) of MoraSpirit and the key figure of the organization’s stride towards success, joined us for a friendly chat where he voiced his thoughts, dreams & aspirations regarding Moraspirit!

University of Colombo - Triple Champions

2012 was a special year for the sportsmen and women of University of Colombo. They achieved the almost impossible. They were crowned triple champions at the Inter University games 2012, a feat that no other university has managed to achieve in the last 3 decades.  University of Colombo retained the Inter University Games overall championship for the last 3 years, but 2012 saw Colombo crowned Women’s and Men’s overall champions as well.

2012 in Retrospect

Akila Fernando, an undergraduate of the Department of Electrical engineering of the University of Moratuwa, is the outgoing Chief Operations Officer (COO) of MoraSpirit. Having successfully led MoraSpirit to its current status, Akila fondly recollects his time at MoraSpirit. Being at the verge of completing his university career, Akila took some time to speak to us about his experience as the COO.

There are bigger things in life worth a fight!

It was the month of December in year 1998. I first tasted the bitter history of intra university clashes within University of Moratuwa as a fresher. We were in the first year then and faced an 8 months long closure. We came out of it after a long wait, but as far as I know losers were both parties. We were a lot who entered university the quickest during that era but came out of it as one of the last. As a community we wasted 8 months of our life for nothing. We were 8 months delayed in the job market and the competitive edge went to the students from other universities.


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