Young geniuses strike it again! – The Water Polo Visual Marker System.

Meet the enthusiastic tech specialists of “Hybriteq Solutions”. I met Mr. Dinuka Salwathura, the co-founder of Hybriteq Solutions in one sunny Thursday morning, to discuss about their amazing lineup of innovative tech solutions and especially their hit innovation “the Water Polo visual marker System”.

MORA Baseball Champs who Put Their Names up on the World.

If you have the dream, effort, self-confidence and willingness to face any challenge, indisputably you can achieve your goal certainly. So love what you are doing, put your maximum on it, be sure on your self, work hard, be positive and one day your dream will come true.

Sports and Physical Health Promotion Week from 06th to 12th February 2017

Contributing in the Sports and Physical Health Promotion Week, the Physical Education Division of University of Moratuwa has organized a series of events ans programmes. All the staff members and the students can take part by submitting their teams for this programme. As announced by the Physical Education Division, there is absolutely no restrictions to form teams with the specified number of players. The winning teams will be given prizes.

Are You Redy to Grab the 100% Sri Lankan Gaming Experience in this Winter???

Are you a big fan of the digital gaming? If I said, there's a fabulous digital game designed by our own Sri Lankan youngsters to the international standards together with Arimac Lanka, will you be excited? Then yes there is an opportunity for you to get an unforgettable experience. Hence this invitation is for you those who want to feel the latest digital gaming experience in Sri Lanka.

Scrabble is Comming?

Scrabble, a board and tile game in which two or four players compete in forming words with lettered tiles on a 225-squareboard: words spelled out by letters on the tiles interlock like words in a crossword puzzle. It is an interesting game which will reward you in many ways including mentally, socially and emotionally. Scrabble will do wonders with your spelling. If you are a competitive gamer you would soon realize the importance of strategizing your every letter. Strategy is a useful skill for school, university, the workplace and for every situation.

Mora Rowing - Rowing the Boat Phenomenally Down the Stream!

Being well known among the rowing community by the name ‘MORA’, UOM Rowing Crew (UMRC) has been a huge contributing factor in uplifting university’s extracurricular status, with their representation in inter university, national and international waters.

Thank you Wayamba!

Another grandeur chapter of Sri Lankan University Games has come to its end. Nevertheless the sparks of the event and the glamorous moments it gave to our university sportsmen and sportswomen are still alive.  It was a life changing experience for those who won the matches and a worthwhile experience for those who could not achieve victory. 


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