KDU Leaders’ Trophy 2014 – A Conspiracy in the Making?

KDU tournament controversy is the latest big story in the university arena these days.

An Undergraduate with a Black and White Jersey

The eagerness to own the prestigious Black and White jersey is the force that drives the players forward, the jersey that was worn by the current players’ role models. This hunger to earn that jersey has made the player compete with himself and kill his weaknesses and refuse to give up on achieving more day by day. And it is this attitude that has made them strive to be champions both on and off the field.

Interview with an Inspirational Mind

“Mind is the master power that moulds and makes
And man is mind and evermore he takes
The tool of thought and shaping what he wills
Brings forth a thousand joys; a thousand ills
He thinks in secret and it comes to pass
Environment is but his looking glass.”

So says James Allen, a pioneering figure of modern inspirational thought, seeing through eyes of a journalist how great men formulate their inherent energy into a productive positive light.

Karate Begins and Ends With Courtesy

'Inter University Sports 2014' arrived to its final and the most exciting phase with only a handful of games left to fight for. Karate starts tomorrow and will be followed on Sunday. Here is the preview of the University of Colombo Karate Team who was crowned as Champions for the past two years.

Battle of the Five Armies

Who will sit atop the decorated and proud iron throne by defeating all their enemies. Some Kings will die sooner than later and some kings will die after eating humble pie (Pigeon?). Only one can succeed. Game of Thrones fans step aside, we're here talking about Inter Universities Games of 2014.


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