Review the world 2015 in Sports

With the 31st summer Olympic Games, Rio 2016 closing in, the sports sphere has been bustling with enthusiasm. 2015 has been a year full of unexpected twists and turns for several sports while anticipated turned out better than expected in few others. Let's take a ride down the memory lane: 2015 in sports.

Who Wants to be the Star of the Year?

Most Popular University Sports Star 2015 is just around the corner. It's time for you to take the road towards glory and crown as a sporting star in the university sports arena.

A Cheetah in Human

Lotus is special. It blossoms in the mud, comes out colourfully and colour the entire world. The Vice-Captain of Athletic team of University of Moratuwa is another such lotus that our Moraspirit team found and got fascinated by.

“You Have to Use It, or Else You Will Lose It….”

You hear thousands and thousands of voices though out your life. But there are some voices that stand out from the rest. In the local rugby arena there is one voice that stands out from the rest by far.
Enter the “Bula Bula…” - Chandrishan Perera, a voice that’s registered deep in our minds.

Sumedha’s Javelin Lands at Rio

If you try to define the zenith of success for an athlete, you would discover that it is becoming an Olympian, a competitor in the Olympic games. It is the dream that all the athletes see every single day of their lives. But only a lucky handful get the opportunity to realize that dream especially in a country like Sri Lanka. Javelin thrower Sumedha Ranasinghe entered among that lucky handful when he qualified for the Rio Olympics with a new national record of 83.04 meters.


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