Sixes are Coming!!! | FIT Sixes 2015

Continuing on from its tradition over the past few years, the Faculty of Information Technology in the University of Moratuwa organizes “FIT Sixes”, the annual cricketing carnival, this year to be held on the 22nd of August.
As the official web partner for the event, MoraSpirit wishes all the teams the very best of luck in the tournament.

It’s Time for Shuttling!

As the battle for the crown of IUG 2015 continues, it’s time to focus the camera on a game that has been the forte of Mora in the recent past: Badminton. With predictions favouring Mora to win the men’s category and women to be the runners up, it’s time for men and women from Kattubedda to put points on board and herald a Mora victory.

Hail, IUC 2015!

Amidst the swelling roars of victory and deep fiery war cries, the battle of the universities rages on. With their vibrant flags raised high, the troops are battling relentlessly for the ultimate victory, to emerge as the champions of Inter University Games 2015. As IUG progresses halfway through its calendar, the universities are exuberantly preparing for the games yet to come. The entire sports community is waiting eagerly to see who will be the champions this year.

28th Summer Universiade, Gwangju | Where the Best Met the Very Best!

‘The Black Eagles’, the Korean Air Force jets roared in ‘Flying V’-formation cutting through the air above the World Cup Stadium. As the procession of athletes from 137 nations entered the stadium, it was greeted with a deafening cheer by the enthralled spectators who were packed to the rafters of the arena. Once the Korean flag entered the World Cup stadium and was raised while the national anthem played, the ‘real show’ started.

Wake Up Youth, It’s Time to Think!

This time Moraspirit addresses a greater issue concerning youths of the nation that has been in the forefront in the media recently.It's time we say NO to drugs.


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