Nisal Menuka – A Success Story Worth Reading

Nisal Menuka is a fresh graduate from the Faculty of Engineering in University of Moratuwa. This sounds fairly ordinary. However, on the contrary, when it comes to Nisal’s story it’s quite extraordinary.

Revealing the Secrets Behind Pasindu Weerasinghe's Success

All university students are rushing for one goal; to graduate with a high class in the field they are in. But when it comes to the award of the Most Outstanding Graduate of the faculty, then it would be a grand triumph for him or her. And that is the joy which Pasindu Weerasinghe, a profound MoraSpiriter, is celebrating this year.

MoraSpirit Turns Six!

Today, MoraSpirit celebrated their 6th year anniversary. This was the day the inspiration stared among two university students; Mr. D.C.Jayasundera and Mr. Heminda Jayaweera, and we are proud to be a leaves of such a big tree.

Regime Change in 2015 - The J'Pura version

Going from 4th place to 1st is like expecting JVP to win the election or expecting Arsenal to win the league this season. It might sound all romantic and rosy but it just doesn't happen in real life. However Inter University games always had that greater than life look about it.

University of Sri Jayawardanapura did exactly the same in the recently concluded Inter University games. They won the championships with a huge lead after finishing 4th in the last season.

Sixes are Coming!!! | FIT Sixes 2015

Continuing on from its tradition over the past few years, the Faculty of Information Technology in the University of Moratuwa organizes “FIT Sixes”, the annual cricketing carnival, this year to be held on the 22nd of August.
As the official web partner for the event, MoraSpirit wishes all the teams the very best of luck in the tournament.


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