SLUG-2016| End of Another Journey…

A reign of another endeavours, kudos, triumphs, victories and also defeats came to an end marking the closing of Sri Lanka University Games 2016 at University of Kuliyapitiya grounds on 13 September 2016 with the patronage of the chief guest Shriyani Kulawansa and the Vice chancellors of most of the universities in Sri Lanka. “Bureaucracy which will cause chasing one another in a harsh competition, will never bring success in a collaborative effort like sports” was her wise saw for the great accomplishers who were present at the moment.

SLUG 2016 | Opening Ceremony: Go one better

The opening ceremony of 12th Sri Lanka University Games proudly hosted by Wayamba University of Sri Lanka took place at their ground as a colorful and pulsating ceremony yesterday, 1st September 2016. It was an evening dawned to irradiate the university sportsmen & women’s lives, not for good but for the best.

SLUG-2016| The Ignition!

I always wondered why the most grandeur event of the whole university life is given a name that reminds me of Ron Weasley barfing out an array of slimy creatures after his curse backfired! Sri Lanka University Games, which is obviously denoted by that absurd but the most opulent name of initials, SLUG, a name you hear only once in every 3 years, is heard this year as well in a form of a lively charm instead of resembling Ron’s curse!

A legend, Moraspirit is Proud to Have!

Elephants; her obsession! Writing; her vision! Elephants; her obsession!! Tennis; her passion! Elephants; her obsession!!! Helping out: her mission!

SLUG2016 Olympic Torch Parade, Here We Start!

Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG) is the highly expected Mega Sport event for the Sri Lanka Universities’ Athletes. This time Wayamba University of Sri Lanka hosts the SLUG-2016 with a big roar in their home ground from the 1st September to 13 September, 2016. More than 7000 athletes representing 14 Universities in Sri Lanka are going to take part in 36 Games of 22 disciplines.


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