MoraSpirit was founded by Dilanka Jayasundera (DC) and Heminda Jayaweera in September 2009 with the vision to uplift the standards of Sri Lankan university sports, by taking up the challenge of promoting sports to mould the young inexperienced university student to a responsible matured adult and to assist the stressful life of an undergrad.
It was launched as a university sports news website by a team consisting of only 4 members. The co-founders together with two other undergraduates at the time, namely Kirthevasan Kandasamy and Shelan Perera, took the first steps in forming MoraSpirit. Thiagarajah Selvamoorthy, the president of sports council 2009 also assisted in pioneering this vision.
Initially, only a handful of articles covering some of the main events of Inter University Games 2009 were published and information and articles for the site were collected mainly via friends.
In 2010, with a crew of about 10, MoraSpirit took on the challenge of covering Sri Lanka University Games (SLUG). Operating mainly through volunteers, MoraSprit made a massive impact at the SLUG, growing in popularity, not only within the University of Moratuwa but also among alumni and other universities.
With the aim of building a university sports culture, in 2011, MoraSpirit organized Spitzer, an inter university games after party to celebrate the sports victories. All sportspeople took part in this event along with all the sports fans, marking the start of a popular party culture among the university crowd.
MoraSpirit continued to grow in 2012, expanding its coverage to university sports events other than the inter university games including Mora Cricket 6s and conducting leadership training programmes for sportspeople.
Revolutionizing the university sports arena, MoraSpirit stands today as a leading university sports network. It has also paved the way for other such networks, creating a university sports culture true to its original goal.

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