It was 70 minutes of thrilling and exhilarating Rugby where the defending champions Pera were dethroned by the Mora Sharks. The Mora team emerged victorious this time after having lost their four win streak to Pera last year. Crowds poured into the Racecourse in the dry and sunny afternoon, expecting a good game of rugby as both teams were cheered by the supporters right from the start.

It was the dawn of 8th of September 2018. The day was filled with excitement and uncertainty. New gymnasium of University of Moratuwa was ready to scroll another remarkable page of Inter University Championship 2018. 14 universities were ready to entertain the spectators with their swift moves and rhythmic strokes.

While the still-under-construction Lotus Tower decorated its scenery, the Inter University Rowing Championship began at the hour past noon as the oarsmen and women splashed somewhat greenish waters of the Beira Lake to conquer the rowing battlefield. Unlike most of the University Championships, only two universities have yet been able to boast the participation in the Rowing Championship: University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo.

The stakes are high and so much of expectations from either side. Every second, yard gained and tackle made counts. Vengeance from one side, redemption from the other. Will the Lions claw their way towards the end or will the Sharks bite their way through? May the better team win and dear reader, do come and enjoy a thrilling game of rugby this Sunday at the Racecourse grounds!

The platform was well heated up as the scorching sun glistened over the evening sky of the urban paradise for two Titans to collide. The undefeated Mora clashed against the unstoppable J’pura team for the ultimate glory. From the first inning itself Mora got on to an offensive start. The combative strikers of Moratuwa, Chamma, Rushan and Dilshan managed to keep Mora one step ahead of J’pura lads until the 5th inning where they managed to score 3 runs, until they met with the aggressive pitching of Kasun.

University basketball couldn’t have gotten better than it was on the final day of Inter University Basketball Championship at the University of Peradeniya. Male and female university athletes fought with such a mental fortitude to bring their universities the glory of an IUG trophy. But in the end only two could win the ultimate prize as the University of Sri Jayawardanapura and University of Colombo won the men’s and women’s championship respectively.


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