It is time to strike your shuttlecocks

The sun drew in the early morning on the 4th of May 2018 to welcome the most awaited annual event of the shuttlers. The gymnasium of university of Moratuwa was ready to roll up another epic fest in the university badminton history; The University of Moratuwa International Shuttlers' Fest 2018 (UMISF).

When it was around 8.30am the gym was jam-packed by the cheering crowd. This year more than 1000 entries will shuttle their way to wear medals around their necks. The school level contests are in deed a great opportunity for budding players to showcase their talents and potentials. The matches are held under 5 age categories as U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 boys/girls and singles /doubles.

The tournament which will lapse for 11 days kicked off with under 13 girls’ singles event. U13 girls doubles, U17 girls singles/ doubles, U19 girls singles/ doubles preliminary rounds were held today amidst the roaring cheers and thousands of fresh hopes. The final matches of all events will be held in upcoming days.

The second day to witness splendid shots over the net was dawn. The following matches were held today at UOM and St. Thomas College.

University of Moratuwa St. Thomas college, Mount lavinia
U13 Girls Singles 3rd round and PQF U13 Boys Singles Qualifying, 1st & 2nd round
U13 Girls Singles QF U13 Boys Doubles 1st & PQF
U13 Girls Doubles QF U17 Boys Singles 1st & 2nd round
U11 Boys Singles 1st round U17 Boys Doubles 1st round
U11 Boys Doubles 1st round  
U11 Boys Singles 2nd round  
U11 Boys Doubles 2nd round  
U17 Girls Singles QF & SF  
U19 Girls Singles QF & SF  


Catching the eyes of the spectators by stunning performances, the contenders battled. After tight contests of racket play Umanga Shanki, Thehani Sanjula, Nethini Godagampola and P.Shanmathy were selected for the semi-final rounds from U19 Girls’ Singles category.

Team doubles; Ashini Ishara – Sasini and Thulani Jayathilake - Gayani Piumara proceeded to the final match in U17 girls’ doubles. Shalini - Shanmathy and Nethini - Thehani proved their talent by getting qualified to U19 Girls’ doubles final round.

MoraSpirit wishes good luck to all the players who emerged at the preliminary round matches. After a glorious day two; UMISF is waiting to roll its third day. Stay logged in with MoraSpirit for more updates of the Shuttlers' Fest 2018.


Article by Pavithra Madushani Kumari

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsored by Millennium IT


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