IUG 2018 | Shuttlers Lead to the Finals


The sun filtered through the giant shady trees searching the new sprits to light up. A fresh day dawned giving a sensation to those struggling spirits. Gymnasium of University of Moratuwa seemed to be  very busy from the early morning of 20th July 2018.  14 universities had gathered together to scroll an epic fest in the university badminton history: Inter University Badminton Championship 2018. Badminton rackets were awaiting to dance in the air according to the rhythm of the shutters.

 Amidst thousands of fresh hopes, the opening ceremony was held.  Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Professor P.K.S. Mahanama, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Former Chairperson of the Sports Advisory Board, Dr.Sanja Perera, Director of the Physical Education, Mr.K.R.D.C. Rathnamudali and the instructor for badminton Mr.R.A. Pavithra  also added glamour to the occasion.  Captain of the Men’s Badminton team Disal Kuruppuarrchi welcomed the gathering for this anticipated moment.

Flags were dancing at the balcony among the roaring cheers of the fans who had gathered to cheer for their alma mater. Warmth of the atmosphere increased gradually with the beating hearts of the spectators.  Going through a busy tight schedule, shuttlers for the quarterfinals were selected on the first day.

Men’s badminton results on Day 1-

 Quarterfinal selection. -Men

  • SJP(Winner Group A)   VS   KEL (Runner up Group C)
  • SEA(Winner Group B)    VS  RUH (Runner up Group D)
  • MOR(Winner Group C)    VS  RAJ(Runner up Group A)
  • PER (Winner Group D)   VS  COL(Runner up Group B)


Quarterfinal selection- Women

  • SJP (Winner Group A)    VS COL (Runner up Group C)
  • KEL (Winner Group B)    VS RUH (Runner up Group D)
  • SAB (Winner Group C)    VS JAF (Runner up Group A)
  • PER (Winner Group D)    VS WAY (Runner up Group B)


After resting for about  one whole night, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks had gathered again in the early morning of Day 2. The sun was shining brilliantly welcoming the shuttlers to possess the glory of the victory. As same as the first day, every vacant spot of the gymnasium was filled with the badminton lovers who were waiting to own the trophy. Amidst the thousands of cheering voices, quarterfinals began to proceed.

Quarterfinal results. - Men


Score Won
  • SJP VS   KEL
03-00 SJP
  • SEA   VS RUH
03-01 SEA
  • MOR   VS RAJ
03-01 MOR
01-03 COL

Quarterfinal results- Women


Score Won
03-01 SJP
02-03 RUH
03-00 SAB
03-02 PERA


 Based on the above results, shuttlers for the semifinals were selected. From the men’s category, SJP vs COL and MOR vs SEA were lucky enough to reach their goals. From the women’s category, SAB vs RUH and SJP vs PERA qualified to the semifinals.

Semifinals were held in the evening. The gymnasium seemed to be overwhelmed with the cheering voices of the spectators. Thousands of eyes focused on one location for one dream. After strong battles between the players, two universities from both men’s and women’s categories were selected for the finals. From the men’s category, SJP won their ticket to the finals by defeating COL to 3-1, while  MORA defeated SEA to 3-0 and got selected to the finals.  Amongst  the thousands screaming voices of the spectators, in the women’s  category, SAB got qualified to the finals defeating RUH to 3-1. And on the other side, SJP got selected for the finals defeating PERA to 3-1.  

Yet, two more matches are left. Everyone is waiting for the dawn of the third day to roar with the champions. Stay tuned! Keep in touch with Moraspirit for the latest updates.

Article by Lairuni Perera

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsored by Millennium IT

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