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On 22nd July 2018, bringing a new day with new hopes for a new beginning, the sun rose in the sky above the University of Moratuwa making 14 universities more enthusiastic on a racquet and a shuttlecock played on a court.

With the dawn of the most awaited day, the Gymnasium of University of Moratuwa was jam packed with the badminton lovers of countrywide universities. Everyone’s ultimate hope was to bring the championship to their university.

At the end of two successful days of scintillating racket play, the Inter University Badminton Championship paved the way for SJP and UOM to come together and battle in men’s category and for SAB and SJP to fight in women’s category. The matches were consisted of the traditional 5 matches (3 singles and 2 doubles).

Clearing their way to finals, SJP had made the spectators anxious from the begining about whether they could secure the Inter University Badminton Championship in both men and women, this year too.

In consolation finals, UOC won the match in men’s category defeating SEA and UOP became victorious in women’s category overthrowing Ruhuna.

In women’s category SAB tried hard to bring the cup home. But all their efforts went in vain owing to the exceptional performance by SJP ladies securing the championship as the last year.

If it was said that the men’s final was the brilliant battle in the whole tournament, it is absolutely sure that no one will disagree.

The 1st single was between Lahiru Ambegoda of UOM and Pavith Sulochana of SJP. Lahiru managed to score easy winnings against Pavith making University of Moratuwa more cheerful 21-10, 21-08. The same environment was created in the 2nd single too. Vinod Payagala of SJP was brutally lost to Shamika De Silva of UOM with the score 14-21, 10-21.

With those 2 achievements, the whole final match was seemed to be in favour with MORA. Each and every person represented UOM was in the hope of ending the men’s final with the winning of 3rd single. At first both Malith Thennakon of SJP and Thevin Jayasekara of UOM seemed to have a tie but with the flow of the sets, Malith amazingly won the 3rd single against Thevin maintaining a healthy lead. 21-10, 21-16

In the 1st doubles, even though Disal and Shamika of UOM showed sophisticated racquet movements, Malith and Ramal of SJP won both sets making the score 21-17, 21-19.The real climax of the tournament began with the 2nd doubles. Lahiru and Raviru of UOM won against Vinod and Tharaka of SJP in the tightly contested first set with the score 24-22. Giving a perplexing reply Vinod and Tharaka scored 21 when MORA score was just 19 in the second set. The third set was the most crucial one as it was about to decide the champions. Making a strong comeback MORA ensured the victory at the end of a hard battle making last year’s champions return home empty handed. (21-16)

Among 14 universities geared up for victory MORA and SJP claimed the badminton championship in men and women categories respectively in Inter University Championship 2018.


Amidst thousands of smiles the awarding ceremony was held to appreciate the winners. Another page of Inter University Championship 2018 was winded with the vote of thanks done by Sachini, the captain of the badminton team, University of Moratuwa. Yet, there’s more to come. Keep in touch with MoraSpirit.


Full results

Women’s Loser Final: UOP vs RUH

1st Single – Nipuni Fernando (UOP) defeated Yashodha Premarathne (RUH) 21-8, 11-3

2nd Single – Maheshi Dasanayake (UOP) defeated Kalani Siriwardhana (RUH) 21-15, 21-10

3rd Single – Kumudi Rajapaksa (UOP) defeated Sasanka Mallikarachchi (RUH) 21-17, 21-12




Women’s Final: SJP vs SAB

1st Single – Kavidi Sirimanna (SJP) defeated O.P.Kuruppu (SAB) 21-13, 21-16

2nd Single – Thilini Hendahewa (SJP) defeated Madhushika Bandara (SAB) 21-5, 21-9

3rd Single – Thisuri Fernando (SJP) defeated Bhagya de Silva (SAB) 21-15, 18-21, 21-15




Men’s Loser Final: UOC vs SEA

1st Single – Rachindra.H (UOC) defeated M.Munazir (SEA) 21-7, 21-12

2nd Single – Sithila.L (UOC) defeated Pasindu Silva (SEA) 21-13, 23-21

3rd Single – Nuwan.M (UOC) defeated Udeshan Madhushanka (SEA) 21-5, 21-5




Men’s Final: UOM vs SJP

1st Single – Lahiru Ambegoda (UOM) defeated Pavith Sulochana (SJP) 21-10, 21-8

2nd Single – Shamika De Silva (UOM) defeated Vinod Payagala (SJP) 21-14, 21-10

3rd Single – Malith Thennakon (SJP) defeated Thevin Jayasekara (UOM) 21-10, 21-16

1st Double – Malith and Ramal (SJP) defeated Disal and Shamika (UOM) 21-17, 21-19

2nd Double – Lahiru and Raviru (UOM) defeated Vinod and Tharaka (SJP) 24-22, 19-21, 21-16




Article by: Yashodhya Jayaneththi

Edited by: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored by: Millennium IT

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