IUC 2018 Baseball | A God rises from the Ash of Titans

The platform was well heated up as the scorching sun glistened over the evening sky of the urban paradise for two Titans to collide. The undefeated Mora clashed against the unstoppable J’pura team for the ultimate glory. From the first inning itself Mora got on to an offensive start. The combative strikers of Moratuwa, Chamma, Rushan and Dilshan managed to keep Mora one step ahead of J’pura lads until the 5th inning where they managed to score 3 runs, until they met with the aggressive pitching of Kasun.

IUC 2018 Baseball | Karunarathne Pitches Perfect for Mora Baseball

It was the play day for the Baseball players as the ground of University of Moratuwa was about to host the most anticipated baseball event of the interuniversity calendar. With the loud cry of the umpire, “play ball”, the players gathered around the bases with high spirit and enthusiasm as they were about to prove themselves as the true rookies of the year.

SLUG 2016 | J’pura crowned the trophy of SLUG baseball 2016

It was the last day of playing with and against your friends, and putting your best effort against theirs. J’pura made it 14 to 6 against Kelaniya in the finals. It makes us think that how things can be changed in the last minute. How easily the dreams can be broken and how difficult to rebuilt it. It’s just you’re out there to take all the glory or all the blame.

SLUG 2016| Without a hassle they won the battle and ready for semi-finals

Opening the day 3, the first match was won by Moratuwa (9) against Kelaniya(2) without too much of a hassle. But they were not lucky enough to select for the semi-finals as their previous performances. Ruhuna(12,13) on the other hand was fighting their way back to the game against Pera(2) and Sabaragamuwa(7). And they made it to the semi-finals at the end of the day.

SLUG 2016| J’pura arises from the ashes

It’s intimidating and breath-taking. They were back in the same ground and tried to change the game starting from J’pura. The second day of the baseball matches has dawn and gone leaving their marks not on the ground but on the score board.

J’pura came out of nowhere as they could not win a single match yesterday but were able to win both matches today. J’pura(7) Vs Colombo(3) and J’pura(5) Vs South Eastern(3). They were unbelievably aggressive and played the game right away. All it took was a swing towards the score board and they were back in the game.

SLUG 2016| Host Wayamba took the best out of it

University of Wayamba was taking the best out of their grounds. They won both matches of the first day while Universities Moratuwa, Colombo, Kelaniya, Ruhuna and Peradeniya won only one match. And also Universities of J’pura, South Eastern and Sabaragamuwa were not able to win a single match on the very first day.

Walt Whitman, the great American poet and journalist once said, “I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game”. The battle of baseball has begun today and it will be continued to another three days till 22nd of August.

IUC 2015| Baseball: J’pura Wins the Final Battle

The baseball semifinals and final matches were held yesterday (13th) at University of Colombo Grounds. This year six teams took part in the baseball championship, namely University of Colombo, University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, University of Moratuwa, University of Peradeniya, University of Ruhuna and Wayamba University. Out of theses six, University of Colombo, University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, University of Moratuwa and University of Peradeniya were able to make it into the semifinals.


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