IUC 2018 Baseball | A God rises from the Ash of Titans

Baseball is the sport where players enter the field as friends to compete as brothers, rejoice over triumph like Olympians and finally leave being legends. The quest of revealing the true baseball champions of the inter-university arena began as the quarterfinals took place on the 4th September 2018. As expected it was indeed a thriller since equally talented teams went toe to toe against each other.

In the first quarterfinals match, the group winners, University of Moratuwa took on University of Colombo, where the sharks’ thunder stunned the Colombo team with their merciless aggressive sporting style and seized an easy victory over Colombo (11-1). In the second semi-finals, the unbeaten J’pura brigade took on the Sabara lads, and claimed an easy victory (14-5). Even though South Eastern vs Ruhuna match was a bit of a nail biter, finally Ruhunu lads emerged victorious (12-15). The champions of last year, Kaleniya picked up a rather obvious win against Wayaba (13-3) which concluded the 3rd day of the series in style.

Four alphas who were proven truly worthy from the previous day clashed against each other in the semi-finals on the final day of this epic encounter. The first match was between the dominant J’pura team who seemed almost unstoppable up to this point against the underdogs, Ruhuna. The match concluded with a final result favourable to the J’pura squad advancing them to the finals once again. In the second semi-final match, the home team Mora collided with the defending champions Kaleniya, where Mora lads showcased their dominant nature once again and slayed the mighty Kaleni cobra, putting an end to their title streak.

Finally, the most awaited match of all the baseball fans arrived. The platform was well heated up as the scorching sun glistened over the evening sky of the urban paradise for two Titans to collide. The undefeated Mora clashed against the unstoppable J’pura team for the ultimate glory. From the first inning itself Mora got on to an offensive start. The combative strikers of Moratuwa, Chamma, Rushan and Dilshan managed to keep Mora one step ahead of J’pura lads until the 5th inning where they managed to score 3 runs, until they met with the aggressive pitching of Kasun. He lasted six innings consuming 8 runs and 11 hits. Panduka led the pitching attack for Mora and he seemed to be using every weapon in his arsenal although J’pura lads seemed to be countering Panduka’s attack quite well. In reply, J,pura batters managed to decorate their scoreboard with two home runs by Vimukthi and Sasanga. Even though,  Mora managed to grasp victories of few battles the final war was ended in favour of J’pura (12-8).

Eventually, the J’pura team was crowned as the new emperors of the inter-university baseball arena. It was a historic victory for J’pura indeed; two titans battled for the supremacy and finally a new baseball god stood tall from the ashes. MoraSpirit would like to congratulate the newly crowned champions, University of Sri Jayawardenapura and of cause the runners up, University of Moratuwa. Their selfless sacrifice and effort will always be remembered.


Article by Jayan Chandresekera

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsored by Millennium IT


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