Let the Victors Boast Their Achievements!

University basketball couldn’t have gotten better than it was on the final day of Inter University Basketball Championship at the University of Peradeniya. Male and female university athletes fought with such a mental fortitude to bring their universities the glory of an IUG trophy. But in the end only two could win the ultimate prize as the University of Sri Jayawardanapura and University of Colombo won the men’s and women’s championship respectively.

J’pura crowned undisputed Inter-Uni Basketball champions

Yet another chapter of Inter-University games concluded yesterday (24th) at University of Peradeniya gymnasium with J’pura becoming the champions for the second consecutive year.

The Defending Champions – J’pura – Or could it be someone else?

The Inter-University Basketball Games are off to a wonderful start this weekend at the Peradeniya University premises. The brothering universities around the country gathered at the Pera gymnasium to secure seats for the upcoming basketball matches. The preliminary rounds were held in four groups A, B, C and D for both men and women, and the champions of each group rose above for the quarterfinals and semifinals that coloured the gymnasium today.

SLUG-2016|Those Suicide runs finally paid off ei?

A lot happened and changed during the past 3 days. For some, hopes were lost. Some became champions and some were counting the seconds to finish this very day. It might be an ordinary day for Sri Lanka, but certainly it was not an ordinary day for university students of Sri Lanka.  Yes it was the judgment day of the Sri Lanka University games 2016 Basketball. All the basketball enthuses were geared and waited for this moment. However doing the evilest thing possible I will savor the final matches and move towards the consolation matches first.

SLUG-2016| You can rest on Wednesday! Pick up!

An evening where you enter to an oblivion one cannot feel any pain, sweat or distractions. An evening where you praise all the hard work you have done. An evening one determines to make memories which you can cherish forever; an evening where you talk aggressively to your friends while talking calmly to your foes. Yes! It is Sri Lanka University Games 2016 Basketball quarterfinals.

SLUG-2016| D-Up! boys and Gals!

“Ask me to play, I’ll play. Ask me to shoot, I’ll shoot. Ask me to pass. I’ll pass. Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, and dominate. ANYTHING. It’s not what you ask of me. It’s all about what I ask for myself.” It was another day at University of Wayamba where these young players determined to bring out their “A game” in the court; trying to make as much as shoots to the hoop.

Shooting With No Bullets – Mora Invitational Basketball Tournament 2015

When I neared the Mora New Gymnasium early last Friday morning, squeaks of shoes, non-stop sound of a bouncing ball and the reverberation of the calls of encouragement mixed with a lively smell of determination greeted my ears. With a lingering fear of missing the start of the game which I was anxious to get to, which happened to be the Mora Invitational Basketball Tournament 2015, my hurried footsteps crossed the threshold to the gym only to get drowned by the ever so deafening voices of the captains of university basketball teams leading the warm up before the game.


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