J’pura crowned undisputed Inter-Uni Basketball champions


Yet another chapter of Inter-University games concluded yesterday (24th) at University of Peradeniya gymnasium with J’pura becoming the champions for the second consecutive year.

Mora Men faced Colombo in the semifinals to start of the day. Both teams faced a stiff competition against each other however Colombo managed to lead from the first quarter itself (MOR-04 COL-09). At the end of the half time Mora added five points on the board, Colombo cruised to add nine more. Even though Mora found their way back, they could not afford to give away points in double figures to the opponents. Colombo marched on to the finals while Mora making it for the consolation finals.

Semi Final Men (01): (MOR-37 COL-48)

Pera and J’pura Men stepped in to secure a position in the finals. In the first few minutes both teams struggled to find their feet in the game until Pera scored the first points. Both teams showed tight defense over their opponents. However, after a tough game J’pura qualified for the finals while Pera Men to face Mora at the Consolation finals.

Semi Final Men (02): (SJP-55 PER-21)

Going forward as a continuation of matches on 23rd, UVA Women played against Jaffna at the Consolation Finals. Both teams took their own sweet time to draw first blood as the game remained scoreless for the first few minutes. It was UVA who scored first but both teams kept on building momentum of the game. However, girls from Jaffna took the lead and secured their position as 2nd runners up in the Inter-Uni basketball.

Consolation Finals Women :( JAF-47 UVA-39)

Next turn was for the Men to defend their position. Pera drew the first blood after scoreless few minutes. Mora managed to lead throughout the game and became 2nd runners up in the Inter-Uni basketball 2017.

Consolation Finals Men: (PER-38 MOR-40)

It was the Women’s basketball teams representing University of Sri Jayewardenepura and University of Colombo entered the court amidst the cheers in favor of both universities to face the final game. J’pura stepped inside with all guns blazing with the motive of winning the game and to secure their title. J’pura got on to a good start by scoring and continuing to lead against Colombo. However, Colombo girls didn’t seem to have given up the game as they chased the scores building up the momentum of the game. J’pura girls won the game continuing their past records and Colombo wearing the pride of becoming 1st runners up.

Final Women :( SJP-66 COL-57)

University of Sri Jayewardenepura won the Men’s basketball championship for the second consecutive year while University of Colombo become the 1st runners up in both Men and Women Categories.

Final Men: (SJP-67 COL-61)

 MoraSpirit Congratulate both winning teams representing University of Sri Jayewardenepura and wish all the best for all the teams participated. Food for thought for all participants,

” The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot”-Bill Russell-


Article by:Hashini Madushika

Edited by:Kasuni Harshika

Sponsored by:Millennium IT


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