SLUG Carrom Clash began


While excitement of SLUG outdoor games is reaching sky, today (April 27, 2013) SLUG indoor games series also started with Carrom. The matches took place at the Carrom Federation, Maharagama.

University of Moratuwa(UOM), University of Uva Wellassa(Uva), University of Colombo(UOC), University of Jaffana(Jaffna), Eastern University (EUSL), University of Kelaniya(Kelaniya), Rajarata University (Rajarata), University of Peradeniya(Pera), South Eastern University (SEUSL), University of Ruhuna (Ruhuna), Univarsity of Visual and Performing arts (VPA), University of Sri Jayawardhana(J’pura) and University of Sabaragamuwa(Sabara) fought  under four groups with the hope of grabbing the SULG Carrom title this time. 



In women clash, UOM carrom team outclassed their rivals UVA (25/0, 19/6, 25/6), VPA (25/0, 25/0, 25/0) by winning all three singles. Then UOM faced UOC who performed in the same way. After a sharp struggle (singles: 25/0, 25/3, 23/5 doubles: 25/0, 15/1) UOM was able to grab the win. UOM and UOC advanced to the quarter finals from their category. J’pura defeated Ruhuna (singles: 8/24, 25/0, 22/19   doubles: 18/10) and Sabara (25/6, 25/0, 25/5) in their group and made way into quarterfinals. Ruhuna also was able to enter to the quarterfinals by defeating Sabara. Since SEUSL was absent Pera and Wayamba walked over to the next stage. However, when they met each other Pera scored a shock win (25/2, 25/5, 25/13).  Defeating Jaffna and EUSL, Kelaniya reserved their place in the quarterfinals. Other team from their group would be Rajarata who defeated EUSL and Kelaniya.



UOM, Jaffna and Wayamba met each other in Men clash under one group. UOM got through successfully posting a comprehensive victory against Wayamba (singles: 25/2, 25/5, 01/25 doubles: 25/0) and Jaffna (25/01, 24/21, 19/01).  By defeating Jaffana after a four competitive rounds Wayamba made their way to the title. Pera (25/6, 25/0, 24/0) and UOC (25/0, 25/0, 25/1) who outclassed their common rival SEUSL got into the next round. Kelaniya and Rajarata same as in the women’s were able to be selected to the quarterfinals from their group. From the fourth group Ruhuna showed their class when they met EUSL and VPA by defeating all three singles. So was J’pura. When they faced each other Ruhuna defeated J’pura (25/0, 25/0, 18/9). Therefore Ruhuna and J’pura would be there in the quarterfinals.

Carrom Quarterfinals of SLUG 2013 will be held tomorrow (April 28, 2013) at the Carrom Federation, Maharagama.

 By Sandareka Wickramanayake


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