Colombo claims the Inter University title in style

The most anticipating cricketing event in the university arena took place on 14th July, where the ambitious Colombo team took on the ultimate under dogs, Mora. The exclusive display of cricketing action by both sides made it sure to remain the entire audience at the edge of their seats. Through a tough struggle and two innings filled with drama, Colombo finally managed to emerge victorious.

The proceedings started at the Kelaniya grounds, with Colombo having the crucial advantage of the toss and letting Mora to bat first. The dominant Colombo bowling attack led by Sahan Wijesinghe managed to bring the front line Mora batsman to their knees. When the 11th over was bowled Mora was struggling 26 runs with all five of their top batsman been sent back to the pavilion.

 All the hope seemed to be faded away from the Mora squad. But the real twist of the match began to happen as Thilina Kasun walked in. He contributed much needed supporting role while Hirusha Blapitiya guided the Mora score board to a prominent position. Hirusha managed to score his half century with a glorious boundary in the 33rd over. By the 38th over Mora managed to put on 131 runs on the scoreboard. But it was a real struggle for the Mora batsman to keep the score board tickling as the Colombo bowlers who were bowling in a tight lines. The pressure, which was created by, managed to outsmart Hirusha as a he was caught for smart lbw and sent back to the stadium. Although the runs which came off the bat of Hirusha (70-91) at a much needed time, really was the backbone of the Mora innings. In the 44th over Lakviru managed to put an end to the Thilina Kasun’s fighting innings (28-91).the score board at that time was 151-8. Twadh Wijesekara’s innings was also short lived, as he had to walk his way to the pavilion without the troubling the score board much. Chandula Weliwita and Thilina Dilshan put on a much-needed 33 runs partnership at the tail end. Chandula was run out while he was running to score the third run for a bowl by Sahan Wijesinghe.

 Colombo opening pair Udesh Idenayaka and Dinuka Wickramasinghe came on, to fill with a target of 189 runs. They seemed to be rushing at the target as they hammered 11 runs off the first over. The Mora bowlers seemed to be losing their grip as the match was levering towards the Colombo side. The dismissal of Dinusha at the 6.1 over (16-1) managed to give little bit of confidence to the Mora squad. In the 11.4 over Udesh Sadanayake’s brilliant knock came to an end. Colombo lads were 66-2 on that moment and the match is still seemed to be easy pickings for them. At the 14th over scoreboard was 81-2, Geshanth Paanditharathna was run out for 5 despite of his desperate dive which made his leg injured. Although the Mora bowlers managed to pick up wickets, the Colombo lads managed to maintain the steady run rate. Chandula managed to pick up a wicket of the Dinesh Pathirana at a much-needed stage of the match. Shortly the crucial wicket of Rumesh Balasooriya(35) fall at the 19th over. The partnership of the Tharaka Nakanda(12) and Udeeptha Balasooriya (42)managed to bring the Colombo squad to a  secure position, although Tharaka’s wicket was dropped at the middle of the 26th  over.

 Chandula was brought back to the attack and he responded well by picking up and putting a stop to the deciding partnership. At the 31st over Uddeptha Balasooriya raise his bat up in the air in a glorious gesture as he reached 50 runs in style. The match seemed to be well out of reach from the Mora lads. Navindu Perera managed to seal of the match in style at the 32.5 over with a huge six, which he scored to the long off.

The match was yet another example of the uncertain nature of the game of cricket. This encounter was truly a brawl between two alphas, which was filled with drama, excitement and some nail biting moments. Both teams shook their hands while congratulating to newly crowned kings of the Inter University arena which proved that this is the sport of gentlemen.  MoraSpirit would like to congratulate the Team Colombo for their victory and Team Mora for the runner up, appreciating their effort and the sportsmanship.

Article By: Jayan Chadresekera

Edited By: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored By: Millennium IT

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