Mora and Colombo to the Finals

The day was perfect for a cricket match. Not a single rainy cloud passed over the ground. Pitch was just as perfect for a semi-final. University of Jaffna and University of Colombo were hopefully waiting to secure their place in the upcoming finals of the IUG 2018.
Captain of the Jaffna team, Jananthan won the toss and elected to bat first. When the total score of the Jaffna team was 4, first wicket fell. Colombo bowlers showed themselves dominating by securing three more wickets for just five runs. Score was 9-4. Jaffna was struggling after losing four topmost batsmen in the batting order. A careful observer would see the decrement of the pace of scoring runs by Jaffna players. They could not afford to lose any more wickets at the current stage.  Colombo player Diluk secured a catch in the 13th over making it 33 for 5. Kurukulasooriya, who was the next batsmen for Jaffna showed some aggression in scoring runs. Smashing boundaries across the ground, Jaffna batsmen were able to bring the score to 92 for 5 in the 33rd over. Number 4 batsmen Tuwakaraseelan scored his half-century just before the rain stopped the match for several minutes. When the match began after the rain, both players were aggressively striking boundaries all over the ground. When the score was 127 for 5 wickets Tuwakaraseelan was stumped at 60 runs. Kurukulasooriya(40) was the 7th wicket to go leaving the score 131 for 7. Jaffna managed to score 39 more runs in the last six overs leaving 170 as the final score to be chased by Colombo.
Second innings commenced after a 40-minutes break. Colombo batsmen started the game at a mid-pace gradually making it higher. First three wickets fell before scoring 50 runs. Colombo captain Tharana and Geeshath partnered up to the next wicket. Colombo fans were resting their all hopes on Tharana who was a well experienced batsmen in the team. The partnership proceeded as expected. Geeshath scored his half-century in 76 balls and in the very next ball, Tharana marked his half-century with a dashing boundary. Pressure was upon Jaffna players when the Colombo score was 147 for 3 after 33 overs. Tharana and Geeshath started raining boundaries to get to the winning score. Sixes and fours were scattering across the ground and Colombo fans were screaming in frenzy foreseeing the definite victory. 4 runs from Geeshath leveled the score and the next run he scored marked their place in the upcoming finals. University of Colombo team won the match by 7 wickets.
Meanwhile, the semi-final match between University of Moratuwa and University of Kelaniya was being held at University of Kelaniya. Mora team scored 242 runs for 9 wickets in the first innings. Mora bowlers were able to defend the score taking all the opposing wickets for 210 runs. Mora team won the match by 32 runs. University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo will meet at IUG cricket finals and the Giants will battle once again for the Championship. We wish best of luck for both the teams in their finals.
Article By: Maduka Jayasinghe
Edited By: Imthadh Ahamed
Sponsored By: Millennium IT

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