SAEGIES takeoff their vigor at MORA SIXES 2018 !

30th March 2018. It was filled with hopes and doubts. After a glorious day one, MORA SIXES was ready to continue and roll in its second and final day. Skies were clear and BRC ground in Colombo was dazzling with sunshine. All the teams who were willing to take the chance to advance to the semifinals were already sitting and exercising by the ground early in the morning. They represented different universities but their purpose was the same; to play their best and earn the opportunity to take part in the semifinals. The fire and determination in their eyes told the whole story. The spectators were eagerly waiting for action to start, knowing that it would soon turn out to be one hell of a day. 

From the results of day one, the teams which lost two matches were already out of the competition. All other teams still had the chance to play for the semifinals according to their marks and net run-rate. 

It was futile to keep players and fans waiting. Sowithout further delay the second stage of MORASIXES started at 9.30 A.M. The day started with an explosive moment. From the very first ball, Vihanga Kalhara of ‘MORA A’ took the wicket of Naveen of open University by LBW, making the game intensive and explosive from the very beginning. 

Four action packed matches were played before the lunch break to determine the teams which would advance to the semifinals. Their results are shown below. 


Match No. 





MORA A vs Open University 

Open- 37/1 (5 overs) 

MORA A- 38/1 (4 overs) 

MORA A won by 4 wickets 



PES- 50/all-out (5 overs) 

SAEGIES- 51/0 (3.2 overs) 

SAEGIES won by 5 wickets 



MORA B- 35/3(5 overs) 

COLOMBO- B 36/1(4.1 overs) 

COLOMBO B won by 4 wickets 



MORA C- 27/all-out (5 overs) 


WAYAMBA won by 4 wickets 


After these matches a friendly exhibition match was played between Indian PES team and a team which consisted of MORA and COLOMBO players to strengthen the bond and the friendship between the universities. 

With all the results, by noon semifinalists could  obviously be decided. According to the points table the teams MORA A, WAYAMBA, COLOMBO B and SAEGIES earned their opportunity to play in the semifinals. 

After the lunch break, the road to the final began with the first semifinal match in which MORA A was about to face WAYAMBA. The captain of MORA A teamOsura Mahadivulwewa won the toss and elected to bat first. From the very beginning of the match MORA A opening batsman pair Vihanga Kalhara and Dinith Thiranjaya showed a very aggressive and confident batting style. All the MORA players and supporters cheered and shouted for every hit the batsmen landed on the ball. WAYAMBA players also did their best to suppress the opponent. At the end of their firing inning MORA A was able to score 63 runs for no loss of wickets.  WAYAMBA came to the field to bat bearing the thought of trying their best to win. But, their opening players weren't comfortable enough to face the brilliant deliveries from  Dushmantha Dissanayake in the first over and scored only 1 run in it. WAYAMBA batsmen tried to get some breakthrough in the later overs but weren’t  quite successful. At the end of  5 overs they could score 42 runs for the loss of 3 wickets, thus allowing MORA A boys to advance to the final. MORA A won the match by 21 runs. 

In the second semifinal match COLOMBO B battled against SAEGIES. The captain of Colombo B Tharaka Ravindu won the toss and invited SAEGIES to bat first. Opening pair of SAEGIES got a good start. Shehan played a brilliant inning by scoring 35 runs from just 10 balls but got out by an unfortunate run-out. By the end of their innings SAEGIES had scored 51 runs for the loss 3 wickets. Colombo showed some good batting and tried their best to win. But, in the end they had to be satisfied with only 35/4SAEGIES won the match by 16 runs. 

Up next, the time came which everyone has been waiting for. The finals of MORA SIXES 2018!  MORA A won the toss and elected to bat first but they couldn’t get their expected opening. One of the opening batsman got run-out unfortunately in the first ball of the match. After struggling for sometime MORA boys came back to their usual rhythm quickly. MORA batsman played some delightful shots which made Mora supporters mad with excitement and joy and elevated MORA team to a good, solid score of 58 runs at the end of the inning. Next it was the time for SAEGIES to shine. SAEGIES opening batsman pair came to the field to start their inning. But they were unable to get a good score in the first over. However, in the later overs they punished MORA A bowlers. 

In the last over SAEGIES only wanted 14 runs to win. Batsman on strike pushed  the first ball for a six. In the second ball they got two runs and the 3rd ball was put away for a four. Now, only two runs were needed from the last ball. Everyone in the arena was speechless and waiting to see what would happen. The bowler delivered the last ball perfectly so the batsman couldn’t get a good hit and only one run was scored thus, leaving the decision on a Super Over.

Beginning the super over SAEGIES batted first and scored 15 runs from their brilliant batting. Next MORA A batting pair, Vihanga and Osura came to the field. They could score 13 runs from the first three balls. From the last ball they needed only 3 runs to win. But the bowler shattered the dreams of MORA fans delivering a brilliant ball to get a run-out. Finally, SAEGIES was victorious in MORA SIXES 2018. 

After the action packed finale and the Super Over the prize giving ceremony took place. The deputy vice chancellor of university of Moratuwa, Prof. Mahanama as the chief guest of the ceremony and the sports advisory council chairman, Dr. Naren Perera brought grace to the ceremony as the guest of honor. The Best Batsman award went to Osura Mahadivulwewa of MORA A team for his absolutely wonderful batting performance. Hirusha Balapitiya of MORA A was crowned as The Best Bowler. For his outstanding performance in the series, Shehan Fernando of SAEGIES became The Player of the series. Next came the most awaited part in the prize giving ceremony. The trophy for runners up was given to team MORA A and the big one, The International MORA SIXES 2018 trophy was presented to the winning team of the tournamentSAEGIESSAEGIES players were absolutely thrilled with their big win and they did not forget to celebrate it. Other teams and spectators also appreciated their performance with graceful claps as team SAEGIES were celebrating with the trophy. 

It was a thrilling final and we congratulate the team SAEGIES for their big win. The effort of MORA A boys must also be appreciated since they fought hard until the very end and they earned the respect of every fan and spectator. Thus, MORA SIXES 2018 ended in a glorious way creating a lot of memorable moments.  



Article by  Adheesha Gamage  

Edited by – Piyumi Yashodha  

Sponsored by - Millennium IT



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