Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships!

“Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships” is a famous quote among sportsmen. One can wonder about the purpose of the above quote in this article. The article will give credence to this purpose, because the main objective of MoraSpirit Sixes is to make the quote into a reality.

In less than two months we will be witnessing  our country’s premier inter university competition, The Inter University Championship! Every sport team  within the university of Moratuwa is sacrificing a lot and working hard to bring back the trophy to our den. Each team trains and aims for achievements separately, because of the needs of their respective sport. However, when it comes to Inter University Championship  they compete under one name, MORA; University of Moratuwa. In order to strengthen the bond that holds the brotherhood between Mora sports teams, our own MoraSpirit; the one to empower university sports, organized MoraSpirit Sixes.

The sky was clear and the sun was shining. 7th of April was an ideal day for  some sporting action. The tournament started on time without any delay. Right from the beginning the cricket fun and fever were heating up the grounds of University of Moratuwa. MoraSpirit Sixes 2018 consisted of 12 teams competing for one trophy; 3 teams from MoraSpirit and one team each from Cricket, Football, Elle, Rowing, Karate, Badminton, Carom, Athletics and Hockey sports teams of the university.

Each team made up  of 6 male players and 2 female players. A match included only 10 overs; 5 of which played by a team and an over was limited to 4 balls. First over of each innings was bowled and batted by girls and the other four  belonged to boys.

In the first match between Football and  Rowing teams, team Football won by 30 runs. They also won with 73/1 in the match against the Hockey team. Athletic team played well with the Badminton team and scored 62/4 in 5 overs. All the teams showed great cricket performance with excellent team spirit.


As the cricket enthusiasm was rising high while the spectators as well as the players were much engaged in the matches, dark clouds came into play in the sky above the heated ground. Due to heavy rain the organizers were left with the only option that was to stop the tournament. However, the teams were awarded for their performance in the matches they played. Both Cricket and Elle teams won the championship of MoraSpirit Sixes 2018. Athletic and Football teams secured the 2nd place while team Carom triumphed in getting the 3rd place of the tournament.

All the players of every sports team  were able to establish a good rapport with each other and had a splendid time of togetherness at MoraSpirit Sixes 2018. The purpose of MoraSpirit Sixes was well served and the day ended with success that uplifted the teamwork of Mora sportsmen and women towards championship. With warm congratulations to the winners of MoraSpirit Sixes 2018 ,  MoraSpirit wishes all the sport teams of University of Moratuwa to get well prepared for the up coming Inter University Championship. 

  Article by G. Ganeshaaraj

Edited by Piyumi Yashodha

Sponsorship by Millennium IT
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