Consecutive Championships for Kelaniya Girls

Another chapter of IUG 2018, the Girls' Elle Championship, was initialized yesterday amidst the breathtaking scenes of  University of Sabaragamuwa grounds. Defending Champions University of Kalaniya reinforced their supremacy this year as well by clinching the trophy consecutively for the second time.
First two days (26th and 27th) were allocated for women’s battle for the championship which comprised 13 University women’s teams. Yet, due to the absence of  South Eastern University two matches was canceled and other matches were played according to the schedule. From those 12 teams 8 teams were selected to quarter finals from the matches which held yesterday and today morning. Quarter finals of the tournament  started with University of Jaffna winning over University of Rajarata  (8 -6). In the second match with better performance in Batting Ruhuna eliminated Japura. Ruhuna easily won the match with scores of 12 - 3, this was recorded as the highest score in today's proceedings. University of Peradeniya and University of Kelaniya qualified for the semi-finals beating University of Colombo and University of Wayaba respectively with close scores. University of Peradeniya trounced University of Colombo scoring 7 - 3 while University of Kelaniya defeated University of Wayaba with scores of 9 -11.
With enthusiastic background semi-finals were started between four most solid teams in University level. The first play-off match was began between Jaffna and Pera. As usual University of Jaffna got a Strong start against University of Peradeniya scoring few runs with powerful shots through the far side of the ground. In the end they were limited to 7 runs. Pera chased the target easily in their own style and snatched  the opportunity to qualify to the final. In the second semi-final University of Ruhuna batted first and from the start they were in trouble in scoring runs in front of strong fielding of University of Kalaniya. Finally university of Ruhuna limited for 3 runs and University of Kalaniya chased the target very easily with only two outs. In the match for 3 rd place University of Jaffna was unlucky and misfortuned througout  the match. Because of missing some easy runs and stopped at the margin of 5 runs. University of Ruhuna hunted 3rd place without much effort. 
Sharply at 4.45 pm in a splendid evening the final match between University of Peradeniya and University of Kalaniya started with the Cheer of “PERA” was heard all over the ground. Kelaniya came to bat with high hopes and much determination as defeniding champions. Loud cheers for opposition and Pera’s strong fielding skills in the first half made kelaniya to play under pressure but, finally they came for a high score with 10 runs. Due to the solid fielding of kelaniya, Pera was limited  for poultry one run which was taken in the 8 th ball,  giving opportunity to  Kalniya to become Champions once again. Kelaniya celebrated another historical win at Sabaragamuwa premises with ended another enthusiastic Elle championship. 
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Articled by: Udith MIhiranga
Edited by  : Imthadh Ahamed

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