J'pura Bags Another Inter University Championship

Sunday dawned to the most anticipated Match of the Mora fans in the IUG Elle tournament. Having lost the Match with Eastern University, Mora had to win this match to stay in the series. University of Ruhuna team was well equipped with strategic and energetic strikers who seemed to be an unvarying challenge from the beginning. Defence led by UOR was tremendous against which Mora could score only 2 rounds, each by Akaya and Shan. UOR player, Deshan was raining strikes all over the ground scoring 2 rounds to the team. In the 19th ball, UOR was able to score the 3rd round destroying the littlest hope left with Mora fans. Mora team had to leave the series with the disappointing defeat.

The next match was between University of Peradeniya and Wayamba University which ended up with a disappointing defeat to the UOP team with a final score of 6-8. Having lost to Rajarata University the previous day, UOP had to leave the tournament with this defeat.

Rajarata team beat the Uva Wellassa team in the next match for 6-8. Fourth game of the day was between University of Colombo and the today’s host, Sabaragamuwa University. Fielding strategies and techniques of both the teams were at an outstanding level making the strikers vulnerable. Match ended with a final score with 2-3 kicking UOC team out of the game. Support given by Sabaragamuwa fans was commendable.

In the next match University of Sri Jayewardenepura whitewashed the South-Eastern team for 13-0. The final match of the preliminary round was between UOR and Eastern University where UOR players exhibit their aggression in scoring rounds once again. UOR beat Eastern for 10-4.

The Quarter finals started with the battle between Rajarata and Jaffna Universities. The game was one of the most exciting game of the series which ended up in a tie 6-6. 5 balls were given to each team again to decide the winner. The defence applied by Rajarata players was magnificent against which the Jaffna could not complete even a single round. But the Rajarata players were able to score a round in the second ball grabbing the victory of the first match of the Quarter Finals.

Eastern university scored 9 rounds against University of Kelaniya in the next match where UOK achieved the target of 10 rounds in 21 balls. Third match of the Quarter finals ended with the most anticipated victory for Japura fans against Uva Wellassa with a score of 7-6. Final match of the Quarter finals threw UOR out of the series with an outstanding win for the hosting university Sabaragamuwa for 8-10.

Semi finals commenced with the match between UOJ and UOK teams. UOJ players were raining vigorous strikes all over the ground and most importantly, out of the ground. They managed to score 15 rounds which led them to the victory against only 6 rounds scored by UOK.

Sabaragamuwa team and Rajarata team entered the ground for the second semifinal. Sabaragamuwa fans were screaming in frenzy to support the team. But they could score only 6 rounds which was beaten by 7 rounds scored by RUSL players after a breathtaking game. Thereby, RUSL and UOJ teams were selected to the Elle-Men finals where they will combat each other tomorrow in Sabaragamuwa grounds.

On Monday morning the losers of semi-finals, University of Kelaniya and University of Sabaragamuwa, confronted in the consolation final. UOK clinched the second runners-up title with a score of 12-7. Then it was time to decide the Champions. Players of University of Jayawardanepura and Rajarata University entered the ground with great enthusiasm. As expected Japura started to accumulate runs with some great strikes. As the crowd cheered the Japura team the situation was made even worse for Rajarata. Batting first Japura was able to complete a mammoth 14 rounds. Chasing this huge target Rajarata wasn’t on the right track at any moment, they were able to score only 5 runs. With that win Japura bagged another Inter University Championship adding crucial points to their overall points table.

Article by: Maduka Jayasinghe

Edited by: Imthadh Ahamed

Sponsored by: Millennium IT




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