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Elle; the Sri Lankan way of hitting the ball, is a traditional sport, that only persist in Sri Lanka. In spite of the fact that the origin of this game isn't so clear, there are evidences to propose that this amusement had been played before the dawn of 20th century, and it was the Sri Lankan national sport in years 1970-1990. Whether this interesting game have not been reached the international level, Sri Lankans had not given up the bond with this game and they continue playing Elle and convey it for the future generation particularly through universities and schools. When specifying about the participation of Universities; to preserve this sport, IUG assumes an exceptional position in that. So we dealt with our opportunity to stop for a moment to chat with the captains of men’s and women’s teams of Elle of University of Moratuwa, while they are exceptionally occupied with the practices for IUG 2018.

Elle and cricket have some sort of a similarity. Corroborating the above sentence, most of the players of Mora Elle team were cricket players too at their early school days.  The captain of the men’s team; Amith Prasanna, and the vice-captain Ramitha Indeewara are doing a great job on enhancing the performance & the capabilities of players aiming the Inter University Games 2018.

 “‘Inter University Games’ is the most important event in the year, for every sportsman in every university. All players like to celebrate their victory with gold and bring their university to a higher place than the previous IUG. So we are also practicing hard now for IUG 2018. With the guidance of our coach, Mr. Kosala; we practice 3 days per week. We try to do our best and decorate our university’s name with gold at Inter University Games 2018 by rectifying the oversights occurred in the last year. And I think now we are on the ball”.

Those are few words we assembled from the Captain and the Vice-captain of Elle men’s team.

The women’s team captain, Thushanjalee Bandara, also added few words to that; “Elle is not a sport that can win without team spirit and earnest dedication of all the members in it. I think we have got a chance to win this year. We have players who perform well. We had got a great improvement with the last year encounters”.

Teacher’s compliment is the best compliment to a student. So we didn’t forget to catch up the ideas of the coach too.

 “Though I’m new to teach these young souls in University of Moratuwa, they give me an immense support for that. I think; they have capacity to accomplish their objective this time.”

We at MoraSpirit would like to wish the coach; Mr.Kosala, captains: Amith Prasanna and Thushanjalee Bandara; Vice captains Ramitha Indeewara and Sachini Wijewardhana, and all the other Elle players; to get strength and courage to take our Mother Mora high above the sky in IUG 2018.


Article By: Amanda Kannangara

Edited By: Janani Kulasekara

Sponsored By: Millennium IT

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